Guided Imagery from University of Michigan for relief from stress, pain, depression, anxiety – visit the audio library.

Crowned Lily
Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

Guided Imagery – Audio Library

Play An Introduction to Guided Imagery (MP3 4:33)

Introduction to guided imagery audio – under 5 minutes, very cool stuff

If you prefer, right click on the link to download the MP3 file.

An Introduction to Guided Imagery

The first part of the podcast explains guided imagery, its uses and tips on how best to make use of it. The second part of the podcast offers a short imagery focused on relaxation.

Recommended for: beginners to guided imagery; fear or anxiety.

Click below for a guided imagery I recorded.

guided imagery – 20min meditation

It’s a 20 minute walk through your own garden and the chance to find your own inner voice

It’s enhanced with relaxing music and a binaural beat that increases positive brain function.

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