Great info for Western Australia on Social Services – WACOSS Update – 24th July

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Friday 24th July 2009

News items listed in this bulletin include…

WACOSS Membership Survey – Last Chance to WIN!

WACOSS Membership Survey

You have only one day remaining for your opportunity to win $500 worth of WACOSS Training, or $500 cash!

Complete the WACOSS Membership survey before close of business Friday 24th July to be in the draw!


WACOSS Social Service Organisation or Individual Member: Important Reminder!

In order to secure your right to vote on

important WACOSS decisions which can significantly


the community services sector….

Please ensure your Membership is renewed before 1 August!

The changes to WACOSS Membership for the 2009/10 financial year can be viewed here:

WACOSS Membership Fees

As you will have noted Associate Members will have a completely separate fee schedule from 2009-10 onwards.

For further information on fees for 2009-10 please check: the WACOSS Website

If your Membership is not renewed before August 1st you will not be eligible to vote in 2009/10!


Power Assist Scheme – 2009/10

WACOSS is pleased to announce Synergy’s annual contribution of $75,000 towards the Power Assist Scheme and Horizon’s $27,500 annual contribution. Horizon’s contribution is particularly pleasing as it is a 10% increase on last year’s funding. Horizon has also committed to a further two year’s funding with a 10% increase each year.

As a result of these contributions the Power Assist Scheme will continue to operate during 2009/10 under the present guidelines and procedures. The funding contributions from both Utilities is in addition to the Hardship Utilities Grant Scheme and Hardship Efficiency Program presently operating throughout the WA.

To find out more and download forms and guidelines please click on the link below:

Utility Assistance Schemes


Launch of the Emergency Relief Agencies Directory 2009

Emergency Relief Agencies Directory 2009

The long awaited Emergency Relief Directory 09 is now out. An official launch will be held at the regular ER Forum to be held on the 5th August. We invite you to come along to the official launch.

Date: Wednesday 5th August
Time: 10.30 am
Location: Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street in West Perth

Lotterywest has provided funding for the production of the Directory and Jan Stewart, the CEO of Lotteywest, will be presenting a cheque to WACOSS as part of the official launch.

Please RSVP to or phone 9420 7222 by 31st July.

The purpose of this Directory is to assist emergency relief agencies, community service organisations, Government departments, hospitals, businesses and members of the community in making appropriate and timely referrals when coming into contact with those needing material or financial assistance.

All Emergency Relief organisations are listed by name in alphabetical order, along with their contact details, mailing and business addresses, operating hours and services provided. Agencies are also indexed by town/suburb.

Every agency listed in the Directory has been sent a free copy. Further copies are available from WACOSS at $5.00 for community service organizations and $10.00 for Government Departments.

To order copies of the ER Directory please:

A) Call WACOSS on 9420 9222 OR B) Download the order form HERE and fax it to WACOSS on 9486 7966.


Western Australian Council on Homelessness call for Nominations

A new Western Australian Council on Homelessness is currently being established to provide the Minister for Child Protection, the Hon Robin McSweeney MLC, with information and advice on homelessness related areas.

Nominations for community representatives are currently being sought from across the homelessness sector, including;

CEO’s/Senior Executives of homelessness service providers; and

CEO’s/Senior Executives of non government community service agencies, especially housing, mental health, drug and alcohol, corrections and employment, that interact with homelessness service providers.

The below documents provide more detailed information and the nomination form:

Information Sheet

Call for Nominations

Nomination Form


$135million Plan to Combat Homelessness Announced Today

The Federal and Western Australian governments today announced a four-year, $135.1million plan to help combat and prevent homelessness in Western Australia. To read the Media Statement please click HERE.

The Fact Sheet can be read HERE


The National Dental Foundation Dental Rescue Day

The National Dental Foundation Dental Rescue Day is scheduled for
Saturday August 15th and will be held at a clinic in Cottesloe.

This is free, one-off dental treatment. Appointments must be made prior to 1st August.

Click on the link below for the types of treatments that are possible and not possible on this day:

Prioritising Clients for National Dental Foundation Treatment

To make an appointment email


Free Job ads for WACOSS Members at is a new website which promotes “work for a better world” – we connect people looking for an ethical job or career with employers who see their organisations as contributing to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world.

If you’re looking for a great you job, please visit us at and subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter, access a how-to guide for finding an ethical job, and check out our Ethical Jobs Blog.

We’re also really keen to work with community organisations around Australia to help them find employees who are truly committed to their values and organisations.

So as a special offer to WACOSS member organisations, we’re offering to post any and all of your job ads free until August 1st!

Please call us on (03) 9419 7322 or email us at if you’d like to to post some job ads for you.


Risk Management: The ABC of IAC, Wednesday 29th July

Control risks within community sector organisations

TRAINER: Dee Roche

Identify, assess and develop strategies to control risks within community sector organisations.

Identifying, assessing and managing risk within day-to-day and strategic operations is the responsibility of all levels of staff, management and Board membership. This workshop will examine the linkage between governance, risk management and control.

Participants of this workshop will come away with the skills and knowledge to improve structures, procedures, systems and feedback within their own organisations.

What previous participants have said…

Want to bottle this course and take it back to the board. Very practical.” Anonymous participant.

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at

OSH for Community Organisations, Wednesday 12th August

Do you wish that you had a system for identifying health and safety risks before they turned into accidents?

Do you believe that it is essential for your staff, managers, and board members to know what the law expects of them, and the potential fines, if they do not keep the workplace free from physical and psychological harm?

If you answered Yes! to either of these questions, then this training will benefit your organisation.

>A presentation by Worksafe on the Occupational Safety and Health legislation applying WA. This workshop is not an accredited training course for elected Occupational Health and Safety Officers as defined by the Act. But if you are wondering what all this means then you should attend!

> Responsibilities of Employees/Employers under the OSH act;
> Including what is required when electing an occupational health and safety representative
> What are your responsibilities to volunteers
> Defining areas of risk for community based not for profit groups
> What is the workplace?
> Who does the Act apply to?
> Starting the Risk Management system
> OSH committees- Who to consult and who to consult with
> Implementing a culture of safety in your workplace

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at

Time and Stress Management in the Workplace, Tuesday 18th August


Learn how to IMPROVE your work performance and REDUCE stress to achieve your work-life BALANCE.

– Most of us spend 3 hours each day dealing with interruptions

– 3 hours each week looking for things on our desk and

– 11 hours a week in meetings

– while managing 600% more information than we managed 20 years ago.

Time Management training is ideal for anyone who has countless tasks demanding their attention and who needs to juggle conflicting priorities.

In this Workshop you will learn to improve planning, set goals and feel more in control of your work load.

What previous participants have said…

The Time Management seminar has been very valuable and has motivated me to make changes which will benefit myself, my clients and my organisation.

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at


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