4 thoughts on “Muay Thai kickboxing tournament August 22nd W.A. Italian Club – Battle Collossal VII”

  1. Mr. President

    as I would like to talk about the upcoming events of any international tournaments that include the training sessions or conferences, or sports, I with pleasure I am proud to participate in any sporting event for martial arts is under the chairmanship of a large direct from you

    As the management of ALKAWASER FOR MARTIAL ARTS the institution that I am interested in the staff training and combat sports, which includes sports and KICK BOXING and LOW KICKS, MUAY THAI also includes sports Kung Fu and martial arts

    In the end i have many international fighters we are participated in many countries championships round the world such as Canada , America , Israel and ” Turkey : Morocco : and others we have made a deferent medals

    I wouldalso like the question of how to qualify to take membership communicate with your federation

    therefore be grateful if the reporting of any significant sporting event

    I thank you, Sir, and respect

    Ali Al-Halabi

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