Police taser sets Aboriginal man on fire – ABC News Article link.

See today’s story and Op-ed below

A 36-year-old man has burst into flames after being shot by a police Taser in Western Australia.

Police say they were trying to arrest the Aboriginal man for petrol sniffing at the Goldfields Aboriginal community of Warburton yesterday when he turned violent.

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Op-ed – tony serve

  • Police and Justice authorities in remote parts of Western Australia have a tough job dealing with violence and substance abuse in Aboriginal and mixed communities – no doubt about it.

  • The tragedy is that Aboriginal people too often die because authorities like police and  justice staff are clearly not trained and equipped to deal with the issues in a humane and effective way.

  • In the case above, which follows the “cooking” death of an elder in a prison van during a desert journey, it’s clear that the officer involved couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. That is;  petrol + spark = fire.

  • Systemic racism has a long history here, and that plays a part, but it really is about the comfortable white folk in Perth not being moved to provide even BASIC health resources to deal with substance abuse and violence.

  • Authorities can’t even provide proper health care to all here in the city – so imagine, just imagine, what it’s like in the remote desert communities where quick fix politicians visit in the wake of endless tragedies, and leave with empty promises still drying on their lips.

  • A half-baked call for input on the next ten years of mental health policy is a start, but efforts to reach out and listen to traumatised Aboriginal communities are notably absent.

  • If I were a Yamatji man instead of a white boy born on their land, I would have been dead 16 years ago – life expectancy for Aboriginal males is 37!

  • Meanwhile 68% of juvenile prisoners in our jails are Aboriginal yet they make up less than 10% of the population.

  • Let me draw a long bow now as the Uranium industry meets tomorrow in Fremantle to plan new mines and even nuclear power stations on land owned by Aborigines.

  • Is the lack of political will to deliver even the most basic health services linked to the powerful mining lobby’s ongoing efforts to override the wishes and needs of traditional land owners in their quest for profit.

  • See here for the most recent example of miners running roughshod over taditional landowners

  • There’s no point in blaming the coppers, the miners or the state and federal Governments – it’s about our cosy apathy and on the “turning away.”

Shame on us all.  :/

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Uranium Industry meets to plan new mines AND nuclear power, whether you want it in Western Australia or not! join the *ACTION* Wednesday 22 July, 8am, Freo

speaking on July 4

Defend Fremantle‘s Nuclear Free Zone

Wednesday 22 July 8.00am – 9.30am
Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Fremantle’s nuclear free zone is being undermined once again by a global uranium forum being held at the Esplanade Hotel.

Join us for muffins and music as we defend Fremantle’s stance against the nuclear industry.

We want to give a powerful message that the forum and the uranium mining industry is not welcome anywhere in Western Australia.

For more information contact Kerrie-Ann Garlick Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group 0402 180 737


Iconic Activist, former Senator Jo Vallentine

July 4 appeal to the US

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World news wrap – midday Perth, (midnight NYC time) Monday July 20 from newsfeeds & twitter

Climate of fear stoking gay HIV rates in Africa – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEO5

BBC NEWS Abused children therapy ‘lacking’ http://ow.ly/hENJ SPEAK UP FOR THE KIDS! this is NOT just a UK problem call ur MP pls, RT

RT @watoday: A new biography reveals straight-laced former New Zealand PM Helen Clark was a ‘sex bomb’ who had men ‘salivating’ over her.

Big mining Vs small farming ABC News Article link. http://ow.ly/15IejH

Minnie Driver Joins P&G To Save Wildlife // ecorazzi.com :: the latest in green gossip http://ow.ly/hEHG

Take Better Pictures by Studying Studio Layouts – Photography Tip – Lifehacker http://ow.ly/hEHt

Al Jazeera back on air in West Bank ( ed; YAY ) – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEHa

Egyptian poet to get out of jail – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEH6

Pics & Vids – glowing clouds – Slashdot News Story | Noctilucent Clouds Spread and Mystify http://ow.ly/hEGN

Hey New York say hi to 2 crew from our Australian warships HMAS Sydney & HMAS Ballarat http://ow.ly/hEG5 tweet if u meet ’em

Countering Riots, China Snatches Hundreds From Their Homes – The New York Times http://ow.ly/hEFG

BBC NEWS | Health | Muscular Dystrophy treatment a ‘step closer’ http://ow.ly/hEFr

Australia – High -tech, Low credibility – Kevin Rudd‘s laptops send standards backwards http://ow.ly/hEFf

Netanyahu’s Talk of Peace Finds Few True Believers – The New York Times http://ow.ly/hEEX

Big mining Vs small farming in Australia – ABC News Article link. << tony serve blogs http://ow.ly/hEEQ

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Big mining Vs small farming – ABC News Article link.


Farmers take on mining giants

Monday, July 20, 2009

The blacksoil Liverpool Plains in north-west New South Wales have been called the food bowl of Australia, the nation’s most fertile agricultural land.

But this week’s Four Corners reports that the area is turning into a battlefield in a stoush between two of Australia’s primary resource sectors, as farmers confront mining giants BHP Billiton and Shenhua with a blockade that’s intended to keep coal exploration teams off their property.
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Perth man killed in Djakarta bombings, OPED & ABC News Article link.

Sincere condolences for the family of Perth man Nathan Verity and prayers for the others, local & foreign, struck down by the cowardly bombers.

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Nathan Verity - family man from Perth - vale mate 😦

Nathan leaves a wife and 5 year old child here in Perth.

His father and wife now face the heartbreak of formal identification and repatriation of their loved son and husband.

There are indications that the outrage has been perpetrated by a splinter group of Jemaa Islamiyeh.

Intelligence indicates those responsible may well be formerly jailed terrorists ( these are NOT freedom fighters ) who had been released after “rehabilitation” programmes.

I am against the death penalty even in this case, but these mongrel dogs must be locked up for the term of their natural life and made to do useful labor. The “religious” leaders who inspire and incite them deserve the same.

the latest from ABC news follows…

Australians feared dead in Jakarta blasts

Friday, July 17, 2009

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has expressed grave concerns for three Australians following today’s attacks on two hotels in central Jakarta.

Mr Rudd says one of the Australians is a senior Austrade official and another is believed to be a businessman from Perth.

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Important Social Service info from WACOSS eNews 214, July 16

Thursday 16th July 2009 – Edition 214
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tony serve blogs More nuclear accidents, dangerous leaks, waste risk and mismanagement won’t stop the RUDD Government’s approval of a huge new Uranium mine

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More nuclear accidents, dangerous leaks, waste risk and mismanagement won’t stop the RUDD Government’s approval of a huge new Uranium mine

Environment Minister Peter Garrett has formally approved the new Four Mile uranium mine in South Australia, saying it poses no environmental risks’.

The premier of South Australian, Mike Rann, welcomed the decision saying operations at the state’s nearby Beverley mine ‘show that uranium c

an be mined without damaging the surrounding environment’.

Which means neither man can have read the South Australian governments own figures into spills at the Beverley mine. Here are just a few [http://www.wise-uranium.org/umopaus.html]

Apr. 22, 2006: spill of 14,400 litres of solution containing approx. 0.5% uranium

Oct. 31, 2005: spill of 23,700 litres of mining solution, containing approx. 0.06% uranium
Aug. 8, 2005: spill of 13,500 litres of extraction fluid containing approx. 0.01% uranium

Mar. 7, 2005: spill of 50,000 – 60,000 litres of injection fluid

Dec. 8, 2004: spill of approx. 2,300 litres of mining solution, containing 0.028% uranium

June 13, 2002: spill of 1,750 litres of brine solution

June 7, 2002: spill of 1,500 litres of injection fluid in the well field

May 5, 2002: spill of 14,900 litres of water containing 0.0018% uranium

May 1, 2002: spill of almost 7,000 litres of brine solution containing some uranium

January 11, 2002: spill of 60,000 liters of groundwater containing acid and uranium, after pipe rupture

Fancy the premier of South Australia being so ignorant of such worrying safety violations going on in his own state. Scandalous.

In fact, that’s the word to sum up the whole Four Mile story: scandalous. Peter Garrett is a former campaigning rock star who fought doggedly against nuclear power before entering politics (‘Why would Australians support an industry that produces radioactive waste, toxic waste?’ he said just three years ago), And with the local Aboriginal communitie

s being (yet again) left out of the negotiations and decision-making over Four Mile, this all has a horribly familiar ring to it.

Click the pic for more from Greenpeace on uranium & nukes

from Greenpeace…Full Story here – please share


Meanwhile back in Germany the Uranium lobby is on the rise despite the following revelations of safety and management fiascos

Berlin- A damaged fuel rod sought since last week has been located inside one of Germany’s 12 nuclear power stations, regulators said Wednesday.

The jinxed plant at Kruemmel near Hamburg was shut down for two years by a transformer fire.

It was crippled again July 4 by a short circuit and was then reported to have a problem in one or more of its 80,000 fuel rods. Engineers took the lid off the reactor to find the damaged uranium rod.

The problems at Kruemmel have led to calls to retire the station and re-ignited debate in Germany about nuclear power as an election approaches. Anti-nuclear activists are also highlighting mismanagement of nuclear waste dumps in old salt mines.

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tony serve blogs Tsunami warning issued for SE Australia & ABC News Article link.

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