It’s time for support a d services – END THE INTERVENTION – ‘Inept’ consultations ignored Indigenous views ABC News Article link.

‘Inept’ consultations ignored Indigenous views

Monday, November 23, 2009

By Samantha Donovan for PM

A new report accuses the Federal Government of deliberately ignoring the views of Aboriginal people on the Northern Territory Intervention.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We learned on Sunday that Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin has forbidden the state’s Congressman, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, to take communion because of his work on abortion rights. Jessica Pieklo has written a provocative post – you won’t expect the angle she’s taken. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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1311723_97.jpg from Global Warming
Will Copenhagen be another “Battle in Seattle”?
When the WTO meetings came to Seattle ten years ago, the negotiations inside…
by: Dave R.
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1311553_97.jpg from Politics
Everybody Run that Homosexual Wants a Son…
This past Saturday, November 21st, was National Adoption Day. A day meant to…
by: Scott P.
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1311677_97.jpg from Civil Rights
How Rep. Kennedy, Banned from Communion, Can Bring Catholics and Progressives Together
The First Amendment prohibits the excessive entanglement of the state into…
by: Jessica Pieklo
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1311433_97.jpg from Politics
Sarah Palin Is A Dangerous Person Says Convicted Felon Martha Stewart
I don’t know about you, but…
by: Tracy Viselli
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Australian issues in the APO Weekly Briefing – audio, video, research 23 November 2009


New commentary

League tables law is simply rank

17 November, 2009 | The NSW ban on the publication of school ‘league tables’ criminalises speech of a kind that the constitution protects, writes George Williams in the Sydney Morning Herald

Little point in postponing greener economy

16 November, 2009 | Improved energy efficiency can contribute close to 60 per cent of the reduction in global emissions, the International Energy Agency’s Nigel Jollands tells Mike Steketee in The Australian

What force should we give to advance health statements?

19 November, 2009 | There are pitfalls in giving advance statements the force of law, writes John Chesterman for APO

Nathan Rees’s gamble

19 November, 2009 | Having asked two ministers for their resignations, Premier Nathan Rees will have to hope that he has not thrown away Labor’s last chance to retain government, writes Tony Smith in Eureka Street

New research

Creative Economy

The Black Saturday bushfires: How the media covered Australia’s worst peace-time disaster

Centre for Advanced Journalism
19 November, 2009 | Coverage of Black Saturday was extensive and in many ways comprehensive. The journalists, photographers and television crews involved in the coverage faced major challenges in doing their work and were deeply affected by what they witnessed.

Making of me

Shelagh Wright, Jen Lexmond | Demos
19 November, 2009 | This paper looks at how families could be better supported to nurture creativity and cultural engagement and how we might get more from our existing investments in this area.

Taking part: the national survey of culture, leisure and sport

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (UK)
19 November, 2009 | This UK survey collects data about engagement and non-engagement of children in culture, leisure and sport, providing a better understanding of those who do, and do not, engage with these sectors.

Social entrepreneurship

Lab for Culture
19 November, 2009 | This paper devoted to the essence and characteristics of social entrepreneurship as a new global phenomenon, the policy objectives behind social entrepreneurship programmes and their impact on long-term policy decisions, including in the cultural sector.

The cultural economy moment

Terry Flew | Cultural Science
19 November, 2009 | This paper explores the rise of cultural economy as a key organising concept over the 2000s.


National baseline study on warranties and refunds

National Education and Information Advisory Taskforce
18 November, 2009 | Commissioned by consumer protection agencies across Australia, this report examines how consumers, traders and manufacturers respond to defective white goods, electronic goods and mobile phones.

Australia’s foreign investment relationship with partner countries

Karli Sanyal | Information and Research Services, Parliamentary Library
19 November, 2009 | What are the trends in Australia’s share of the global foreign direct investment inflows and its investment relationship with partner countries since 2001?

Apprenticeships in the downturn

Tom Karmel, Josie Misko | National Centre for Vocational Education Research
19 November, 2009 | This paper describes what we know about apprenticeships and traineeships, with a view to assessing how the current economic downturn will affect them.

Toward national workplace safety and workers’ compensation systems: a chronology

Steve O’Neill | Information and Research Services, Parliamentary Library
18 November, 2009 | Responsibility for implementing workers‘ compensation schemes and workplace health and safety in Australia has traditionally resided with state and territory governments. This paper chronicles the growing role of the Commonwealth.

A competent recovery? Economic downturn and Australia’s vocational education and training system

Richard Sweet | National Centre for Vocational Education Research
19 November, 2009 | This paper reflects on the impact of the recent financial crisis on particular groups in Australian society and comments on whether the VET sector is well placed to meet the challenges of the recovery.

Something for nothing – unpaid overtime in Australia

Josh Fear, Richard Denniss | The Australia Institute
23 November, 2009 | This paper reveals that Australian workers are ‘donating’ more than their annual leave entitlement back to their employers in the form of unpaid overtime.

The Australian consumer law: consultation on draft regulation impact statements

Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs
18 November, 2009 | This is a draft consultation regulatory impact statement on reforms based on best practice in state and territory consumer protection laws, and a new national product safety regime.


Introducing Open Classroom 2.0 to teachers through immersive learning

EDEN Seventh Open Classroom Conference
18 November, 2009 | This paper addresses the challenge of engaging teachers in opening up the learning environment through the use of social software and other Web 2.0 tools.

Annual report on emerging technologies: planning for change
19 November, 2009 | These reports into collaborative learning, workforce capability, and national software infrastructure provide evidence to support a role for Australian Government to ensure the best return on investments in ICT for education and training.

Learning to teach in Second Life

Lina Morgado, Angelina Macedo | EDEN Seventh Open Classroom Conference
18 November, 2009 | Virtual environment tools and Second Life, in particular, have great potential for teaching and learning as they enhance the development of socialization skills, peer and group work, critical thinking and problem solving.

Environment & Planning

Victorian 2009 bushfire research response: final report

Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre
18 November, 2009 | The devastating February 2009 Victorian bushfires resulted in major loss of life, property, and other assets. This report outline the data collected by this major research project on the fire and its impact, and draws some preliminary conclusions and findings.

Business guide to the low carbon economy: Queensland

The Climate Group
23 November, 2009 | This guide provides practical steps for businesses to get on top of measuring and curbing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.


How do methamphetamine users respond to changes in methamphetamine price?

Craig Jones, Deborah Bradford, Jenny Chalmers | NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
18 November, 2009 | Methamphetamine and heroin purchases decrease significantly as the price of methamphetamine increase, by as much as 27 per cent on a 10 per cent price rise, according to this report.

Public health expenditure in Australia, 2007-08

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
18 November, 2009 | Public health expenditure in Australia 2007-08 is the eighth in a series of annual reports on public health expenditure in Australia produced by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Fourth national mental health plan: an agenda for collaborative government action in mental health 2009-2014

Department of Health and Ageing
20 November, 2009 | This plan identifies key actions and priority areas for developing a mental health system that ensures appropriate treatment and community support for all Australians with a mental illness.

Independent sport panel report (Crawford Report)

Independent Sport Panel
23 November, 2009 | The Crawford review was commissioned to investigate the reforms required to ensure that Australia’s sporting system remains prepared for the challenges of the future.


Prospects, protocols, progress

Erana Takuira | Jumbunna: Indigenous House of Learning
20 November, 2009 | This report examines the recent advances of ethical guidelines for filming and working with Indigenous content in film.

Providing support for Indigenous tenancies at risk: Australian policy responses

Paul Flatau | Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
20 November, 2009 | Indigenous clients who receive support through Tenant Support Programs sustain their tenancies, are linked to external support programs to meet their non-housing needs and avoid homelessness.

AMA Indigenous health report card 2009

Australian Medical Association
20 November, 2009 | The AMA has released its eighth Indigenous Health Report Card, this year putting the focus on the tragic state of health of Indigenous males – boys, adolescents and men.


Caught in the crossfire: the Pashtun tribes of Southeast Afghanistan

Tom Gregg | Lowy Institute for International Policy
20 November, 2009 | This paper argues the importance of a more effective engagement of Afghanistan’s tribes, particularly in the country’s south east.


Patterns in bushfire arson

Australian Institute of Criminology
23 November, 2009 | Bushfires arson, like structural arson, is a strongly patterned activity. These patterns seem to be mainly determined by the interplay between socioeconomic and environmental dynamics.

Confidence in the criminal justice system

David Indermaur, Lynne Roberts | Australian Institute of Criminology
23 November, 2009 | Using the results of the latest Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, this paper examines people’s varying attitudes to police, courts and corrections.


World order and EU regionalism: towards an open approach to new constitutionalism

Gerard Strange | Asia Research Centre
20 November, 2009 | The political project for European Union is defined by its inherent dialectic as both part of and a distinct response to globalisation.

Social Policy

‘Forgotten Australians’ and ‘Lost Innocents’: child migrants and children in institutional care in Australia

Coral Dow, Janet Phillips | Information and Research Services, Parliamentary Library
18 November, 2009 | On 30 August 2009, the anniversaries of the tabling of two landmark parliamentary committee reports, the Australian government announced that it would ‘issue a formal statement of acknowledgement and apology to Forgotten Australians and former child migrants.

Australia’s welfare 2009

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
18 November, 2009 | Annually reporting on the state of children, families; ageing, disability, carers, housing and homelessness, this report is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of national information on welfare services in Australia

Living alone in Australia: trends in sole living and characteristics of those who live alone

David de Vaus, Sue Richardson | Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
18 November, 2009 | Since the 1960s we have experienced major changes in the way people live and the way in which they build their families and households. This paper looks at the characteristics of people who live alone.

Childhood family circumstances and young adult people’s receipt of income support

Tue Gørgens, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark | Youth in Focus Project
18 November, 2009 | This report uses data from the Youth in Focus Project to analyse how young Australians’ receipt of income support is related to their family circumstances, and particularly the role of a family history of income support receipt.

Is Australia losing its religion?

Michael Hogan | Australian Review of Public Affairs
20 November, 2009 | Over the last ten years or so religion has been getting a fairly bad press in Australia although religion is news, as a flood of recent books suggests.

Reform of family payments

Peter Davidson, Jacqueline Phillips | Australian Council of Social Service
19 November, 2009 | Low-paid Australian families do not receive adequate financial support to meet the costs of their children, according to this report.

New audio

Working together for a better health care system

20 November, 2009 | Research findings and government reports indicate Australia’s primary health care workforce is facing significant challenges and is lagging behind in its use of teamwork approaches.

The arts don’t deserve a place here

19 November, 2009 | The question of what makes good art is something that has been debated long before the invention of the crayon.

Somewhere in the murky waters of subjectivity, the differing roles of art continue to challenge the minds of audiences. Does a particular work exist to provoke, to inspire or merely to entertain? In this funny and boisterous panel at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the risky nature of all forms of art is explored in all of its beauty.

When art meets science

19 November, 2009 | Science and art might sound like vastly different disciplines, but Dr Tim Wetherell from ANU believes they are both motivated by a desire to make sense of the world in which we live.

Authenticity and the ABC

21 November, 2009 | Six months into the job, the ABC’s director of news, Kate Torney, talks to Peter Clarke about where the national broadcaster is headed and what role social media will play.

Australia’s resources in the world

20 November, 2009 | This lecture discusses the link between Australia’s role as one of the world’s largest resource economies and Australia’s international relationships, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Obesity as a complex problem

19 November, 2009 | Obesity has increased dramatically across the world, and there is currently no solution to its control.

New video

Architects speak on cultural impact of skyscrapers

19 November, 2009 | In this talk some of architecture’s leading thinkers and practitioners discuss: ‘what effect to towers have on urbanism, sustainability, the workplace and historic city centres?’

The arts don’t deserve a place here

19 November, 2009 | The question of what makes good art is something that has been debated long before the invention of the crayon.

Secondary school students and sexual health 2008

20 November, 2009 | Researchers from La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) discuss The Fourth National Survey of Australian Secondary School Students and Sexual Health.

New jobs

Senior Executive – Strategy and Policy

Australian Securities and Investments Commission 19 November, 2009 | As a as a Senior Executive Leader you will have public policy expertise, knowledge of the corporations and financial services legislation and a broad understanding of the financial markets.

Principal Project Officer postions

Queensland Department of Communities 20 November, 2009 | The Queensland Department of Communities is seeking two Principal Project Officers (Full-Time Temporary for 12 months) with expertise in performance reporting and evaluation.

New events

Sociology, the Public Sphere and Modern Government

LOCATION: SPW 226 Swinburne University of Technology – Hawthorn
ORGANISED BY: Institute for Social Research

26 November, 2009 | Speaker: Professor Gary Wickham (Murdoch University).

What do Canadians do with broadband networks: applying insights from the Canadian internet use survey to the NBN

LOCATION: Brown Theatre, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne
ORGANISED BY: Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society, University of Melbourne

26 November, 2009 | Using data from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Internet Use Survey, Professor Catherine Middleton will explore Canadians’ patterns of Internet usage.

Parliament of Religions


03 December, 2009 | The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities

Evidence based policy in housing

LOCATION: Lecture Theatre G001, Ground Floor The Red Centre, Built Environment, University of NSW
ORGANISED BY: City Futures

10 December, 2009 | Speakers: Professor Hal Pawson, Professorial Fellow at the School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University, EdinburghProfessor Michael E. Stone, Professor of Community Planning and Public Policy, The University of Massachusetts, Boston

New books

State of the eUnion: Government 2.0 and Onwards

19 November, 2009 | 34 global thought-leaders in the field, including Don Tapscott, Tim O’Reilly and Lawrence Lessig, have contributed their views and ideas about the current state of eGovernment and what has come to be known as Government 2.0.

New guide

Indigenous Art and the Law

18 November, 2009 | The project provides a literature review and critically examines existing laws and investigates options for urgently-required developments in the area of arts law as it pertains to Indigenous people and culture.

New websites

Anzarts Institute

20 November, 2009 | The Anzarts Institute is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of the arts and creative industries in our society.

Asia Beyond Conflict

20 November, 2009 | This site examines recent conflicts over history in Northeast Asia, and explores possible paths towards reconciliation.

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS)

19 November, 2009 | ACYS provides information on Australian youth through its scholarly journal, Youth Studies Australia (now in its 28th year); monthly email newsletter, Youth Field Xpress; and through its website.

Now might be a good time to tweet and email the PM if you support equality for all australians to marry GLBTI see the ABC News Article link below

Rudd undecided on same-sex civil unions

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Federal Government is still waiting on legal advice to decide if it will block an ACT law that provides legal ceremonies for same-sex couples.

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