Brilliant Australian Documentary for National Geographic on what killed the Megafauna – Interview with Director Franco Di Chiera


– Tony Serve Interviews Director Franco Di Chiera

audio and slideshow below  – screened on SBS Australia 7.30 pm Sunday Jan 10

Franco Di Chiera’s upcoming project is ” Skin Deep ” not “Under the Skin” as I described in the audio – that was his AFI Award winning drama of 1994 – my bad 😦

order DVD via

A team of scientific detectives from around the world attempt to crack one of science’s most enduring mysteries – what killed Australia’s megafauna? Long after the extinction of the dinosaurs, extraordinary species of giant beasts roamed the earth, ruling the animal kingdom for hundreds of thousands of years. But suddenly, inexplicably, they vanished.

As scientists re-open this prehistoric cold case, could the answer to their quest offer clues to our own survival and prevent a future mass extinction on an unfathomable scale?

Format: 1x 90 min; 1x 85 min; 1x 52 minBroadcaster: SBS, National Geographic US, France5Distributor: National Geographic Distribution

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