Solar Challenge – Darwin and Northern Territory Tweeps may want to hook up with young dutch video crew – Fwd: @Sasja2 calling: Dutch student-filmcrew coming down under :-)

Hello to all Video Minded friends Down Under!

I write to y’all on behalf of 2 students and 2 teachers from a Dutch University of Professional Education, academy of creative technology. ( They study ‘broadcasting’ ) who will arrive from the Netherlands in Darwin on Tuesday, 29th of March, they’ll get them some wheels on Wednesday than travel the Stuart Highway in 20 days, filming items, footage and local interest.

They will be shooting a pre-production on the large-scale-project that will happen in October, and a team from our university will take part in it with the most beautiful car you have ever seen: htt p:// witch they are building as we speak. 🙂

a broadcastingcrew of 3 students will accompany the team in October as well, but now this crew of 4 is going on their own little adventure…:-)

We would love to be in touch with VideoMindedFolk, who like the idea of helping us out, making some simple video magic happen…
For example, we could do with some help in October to transfer fresh footage from the outback to the Netherlands as soon as possible, and we do not bring along a Satellite-broadcasting Truck…:-) So if you think you can help, let us know and we will talk more detailed? Maybe a meeting with the pre-production team can be arranged in the next three weeks, or we stay in touch trough the wonderful Social Media?

another example. Wouldn’t it be real cool if someone would film the crew during their work, than post it on YouTube so we can download it here in NL almost live?? 🙂 could be just a mobilephonevideo or something…:-)

Even better would be, if people were able to film our SolarCar and its 10 (!) vehicles following it, from a mobile phone or handy cam, during the race in October, as it passes….:-) and of course immediately upload to our youtubechannel….:-) or if there would be Australian Fans, cheering on OUR team….filmed and posted, of course…:-)
that would make some cool footage to put in our daily journals, right? We need to be creative, and we need help if possible, to make this happen. We are the ‘poor’ team of the two Dutch Solar-teams, the other team is sponsored by the big energycompagny and brings along a professional film crew they just hire to do the job, and so we would love to do better than them! 😀

If anyone out there is near Stuart highway in the next three weeks, and willing to help and join our fun for a few hours or so, plz contact me asap i will bring you in contact with the pre-production team if possible! 🙂

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