#australia research funding cuts – Medical researchers face funding loss as big business awaits tax cuts

13 April 2011

Medical researchers face funding loss as big business awaits tax cuts

The Australian Greens says the Federal Government should reconsider delivering tax cuts to big business as rumours persist that funding will be taken from important medical research programs in the upcoming Federal Budget.

“Cutting research funding to the National Health and Medical Research Council has the potential to significantly impact medical research in WA and around the country,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Health Spokesperson said today.

“WA has a strong reputation for leading medical research and development. The Australian Greens stand with patients, researchers and the community in calling on the Federal Government to protect medical research funding.

“These research programs improve the lives of Australians and also provide enormous benefits to our economy and society. The Federal Government should be looking to maintain and increase research funding to build our capacity and our competitive advantage. It is good social and economic policy to support this sector.

“The government cannot justify delivering corporate tax cuts of around $2.4 billion to big business, while at the same time taking critical funding away from health and medical research programs.

“We would like to see these rumoured cuts to health and medical research ruled out before the budget is delivered in May.

“This matter has been raised with the Treasurer and the Prime Minister, and we are seeking an urgent briefing from Treasury on the Government’s intentions.

“With the Government claiming a shortfall in revenue, these proposed tax cuts are not warranted and certainly should not be made in favour of cuts to health and medical research,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Media Enquiries – Chris Redman

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