MEDIA ALERT: (change of venue) Libyan communities of Australia to hold rallies across the nation

MEDIA ALERT – Change of Venue

29 April 2011

Libyan communities of Australia to hold rallies across the nation

This Saturday, 30 April, the Australian-Libyan community in five different states have organised a day of Action for Australia with rallies taking place in each state. They will be joined by families and community members who are all outraged by the Gaddafi regime.

W.A. – Perth

Location: WESLEY CHURCH – Corner of William and Hay streets.

Time: 12:00 PM

Date: 30 – 04 – 2011

The Australian government needs to join the list of other countries that have formally recognised the Libyan National Transitional Council as the only legitimate governing body in Libya. This recognition also needs to be reflected in actions of support to help the council protect the Libyan civilians still at the mercy of the current situation.

The Libyan assets that are still frozen in various countries around the world need to be released to the National Transitional Council and greater coordination is required to equip the Libyan people with the support required to end this horrific situation that has been ongoing for the last three months. There is no room for Gaddafi and his family in the New Democratic Libya.

The rallies are united in their call for:

· Recognition of the National Transitional Council.

· An end to the Gaddafi genocide currently taking place.

· Greater humanitarian assistance for Libyans and Libyan refugees in various countries such as Tunisia and Italy.

2 thoughts on “MEDIA ALERT: (change of venue) Libyan communities of Australia to hold rallies across the nation”

  1. G’day, folks 🙂

    Holding rallies in Australia is a good idea; Australia is far enough from Libya to hopefully avoid being damaged – collaterally, of course – by NATO bombs.

    Come to think of it, NATO is a *defence* organisation. An attack on any member of NATO will be regarded as an attack on all. So which NATO country did Libya attack?

    Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

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