From GetUp Australia – outdated laws demand logging: Welcome to the 1920s

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–Did you see the news today? The Tasmanian forestry agreement, our best chance to save Tasmania’s forests, is about to collapse unless the Federal Government acts now1–

Dear tony,

Archaic Tasmanian laws mandate that an area 100 times the size of Melbourne’s CBD must be logged every year.

Environmentalists, unions and the logging industry have formed a rare agreement to save most of these ancient forests. But because of the Tasmanian Forestry Act 1920, these trees will be felled anyway — unless the Federal Government can step in and buy out the logging licenses.

Time is running out: this once-in-a-generation deal is about to fall apart. Environmentalists are under pressure to walk away from the deal because trees are still being logged. Industry players are ready to walk away because some are facing uncertainty and bankruptcy.

The Federal Government could step in now and save the forests – but many politicians don’t even know about the opportunity. Can you take a moment to email your local MP using our easy tool?

Our forests are the greatest carbon sinks we have. They are the living lungs of our nation and home to hundreds of native species. In order to save them we need to make sure that timber workers get a fair go, the opportunity to develop skills in new areas, and job security — rather than an industry that is collapsing before their eyes.

We know this is affordable. For much less than the Federal Government spends on advertising each year, Tasmania’s iconic forests could be saved for all Australians, now and into the future.

A few minutes of your time to email your local MP could help make this happen. Many MPs aren’t aware of this opportunity; others can’t quite believe that environmentalists and the industry are in agreement about this chance to save Tasmania’s native forests. But if Labor MPs and Senators hear from local voters that this solution has their support, there’s a chance the Government will act:

This is a once in a generation opportunity to preserve our irreplaceable forests, wildlife, water catchments and help save our climate.

Thank you for all that you do,
The GetUp Team.

1 Denholm, M. ‘Tasmania forestry talks head for crash’. The Australian, 5th May, 2011.

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