Australia #mentalhealth Message from the Prime Minister just arrived


Dear tony,

This message just came in from the Prime Minister and I wanted to pass it on to you. Congratulations again to everyone who has been part of the mental health campaign.

Letter from PM
Dear GetUp

It was great to speak at GetUp’s mental health forum this week and inspiring to see so many GetUp members at the event.

I know that there are many tens of thousands more around the country who are passionate about the issue too. Every Minister and MP has received thousands of emails and calls from GetUp members about mental heath and many of us have seen the campaign in action on TV and in our electorates.

It’s an issue that is also very important to me. I mentioned at the forum that my father was a psychiatric nurse and I’ve seen through his experience how the mental health sector has progressed over the decades from a more institutional approach toward more holistic community care.

Like millions of Australians I have seen friends and family who have been affected by mental illness.

This week my Government was proud to announce the biggest mental health package in the nation’s history. The package isn’t just about increasing funding. It also shows our commitment to continuing that progress and supporting an integrated community approach to mental health.

I was glad to see that the package has been welcomed by mental health experts including Professor McGorry and Professor Hickie who have been so closely involved in GetUp’s campaign. GetUp members have been passionate, sincere and very effective advocates for mental health reform and they’ve made a big impact here in Parliament House.


Julia Gillard
Prime Minister

Over the course of this campaign, GetUp members have sent thousands of emails to our politicians asking them to do better on mental health. And in that time, the Opposition, Greens, Independents and the Government have all come to the table with strong support for mental health reform.

Now, let’s send them all a quick note of thanks. Click here to email your MP and thank them:

Warm regards,
Simon, for the GetUp team.

PS – On Wednesday night, the Prime Minister, Health Minister and Mental Health Minister spoke with GetUp members at our Mental Health Forum in Parliament House. Check out this video to see what they had to say, including a personal message from the Mental Health Minister to GetUp members.

Click here to watch the video

One thought on “Australia #mentalhealth Message from the Prime Minister just arrived”

  1. Mental Health. Give me strength. Why does Professor Mcgorry keep harping on youth?
    Is it because of those who were failed years and now there is a sense of guilt?
    Guilt due to the fact that 30 to 40 years ago the “system” failed us?…and now we’re left to deal with all these unresolved “issues”?
    That those who should have been properly supported 20 to 25 years ago now have children exhibiting pyschological problems?
    I can understand that it is impordand (ha-ha, lol etc) to support the young, but what about the older people (still not ancient…ha ha)?
    Well, as said, the sins of the old are visited on the young.

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