Musings from the Border Lands (via Estoni’s Blog)

My dear friend in Kenya, Eston, flies supplies and people to South Sudan when he’s not farming, supporting community work or flying filmstars around africa.

His aerial pictures are a legend on twitter, follow @estoni and see why.

Please read, enjoy and comment – If I owned an online magazine I’d be asking Eston to write and shoot for me. I hope to his work enjoyed by more and more people.

tony serve
journalist, broadcaster, activist

Musings from the Border Lands It’s hot here in Lokichoggio, and the mid afternoon sun beats down relentlessly. This is Kenya – North Kenya – which is an arid land that sustains few people. The Turkana tribe survive here, as do the Toposa. Lord knows how. My colleagues and I live in a diesel powered camp with a bore hole well for water. We have air conditioning and wifi, and at the bar the beers are icy cold. The contrast to how the locals live couldn’t be more stark. In the v … Read More

via Estoni’s Blog

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