Australia – Radio for Disabled people from diverse backgrounds – Coming up on EthnicAbility 30/05/2011 – Traditional Healing With Dr Bernadette Wright

Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre (EDAC) presents ‘EthnicAbility’

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A radio program from Perth on disability and Ethnicity

Coming up on ‘EthnicAbility’, 30th May 2011, Zel Iscel will chat with
Dr Bernadette Wright, Clinical Psychologist in the Transcultural
Mental Health Sector, about traditional healing.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of traditional healing and how it relates to disability.
Share this thought provoking half hour with us … next Monday on

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About EthnicAbility

EthnicAbility explores issues affecting people with a disability from an ethnic background. In so doing, we will be speaking to people with a disability from an ethnic background themselves, their parents/family, friends, community members and service providers. And we may even talk to you!

So don’t forget to switch on to 95.3 6EBA FM every Monday evening at
7:30 pm ( Perth, WA time. 1130GMT/UTC )


If you would like to be a sponsor of ‘EthnicAbility’, contact Zel on
(08) 9388 7455. By sponsoring ‘EthnicAbility’, you will be helping to
disclose issues that impact on the lives of ethnic people with disability, their family, community and service providers.

For further information, contact EDAC on (08) 9388 7455 or send an
email to us at ethnicabil….

Previous Programs

Previous programs on ‘EthnicAbility’ are available for download from
EDAC’s website.

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