A #mentalhealth message from a dear friend and co-advocate, Margaret Cook – : re physical and mental health of mothers and fathers improving the safety of children

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This might interest you. I have put some snapshots of what’s in the reports.

Cheers Margaret

Margaret Cook

Consumer Consultant /Mental Health Advisor

Subject: re phsical and mental health of mothers and fathers improving the safety of children

Bellow are some extracts (Snapshots) from the attached reports they are on the right track put the Oxygen mask on the parent so to speak and then they can help the child to breath in fresh clean air in stead of polluted air. It is not rocket science or is it?

Cheers Margaret

"Improving the safety, health and wellbeing of children through improving the physical and mental health of mothers, fathers and carers"

The increasing prevalence of mental illness among parents always represents a stressor affecting the bio-psychosocial [physical, cognitive, emotional and social] development of a child. However not all children are affected to the same extent…

(Pretis and Dimova 2008 p 152)

Considerable gaps remain in our understanding of ethnic variations, although Dogra

et al (2005) in a study of Gujarati young people and parents found neither group had a consistent understanding of either mental health or mental illness. Greene et al (2008) focused on the experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the United Kingdom. Gorin (2004) emphasises the different approaches to seeking support which characterise children in different ethnic groups, with Asian children preferring to seek help within the family

Using the tiers to review our knowledge of service outcomes can potentially inform useful service delivery strategies best able to support parents with a range of needs. For example, ‘looking through the lens of the tiers’ can highlight the likely consequences of some more complex services only being offered after a certain threshold of need has been met (Smith 2004; Tunnard 2004; Social Exclusion Task Force 2008). In other words, if even potentially successful specialist services are offered too late when problems are entrenched, then outcomes are likely to be poorer.

To Little to late my words

‘The overwhelming message from parents was their appreciation of practical support, support to their children, and in particular the warmth and understanding of Family Support projects.’

(Morris 2007 p 20)

Margaret Cook
Pauline Miles

(Children of Mentally Ill Consumers & parents )

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Perth Business Centre, WA 6849

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To know the road ahead ask

those coming back Anon

"If we value our children, we must cherish their parents"

John Bowbly, MD

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