Explore the “State of NOW” at #140conf in NYC

Explore the "State of NOW" at #140conf in NYC
It turns out the #140conf events are all about listening, experiencing, growing, connecting, sharing and engaging. We are the place that embraces warmth and humanity, hugs over handshakes and a place where you will discover the mystery and the meaning of "Hybrid Vigor" on a human level. #140conf is a different experience than just about any commercial business conference you will ever attend.

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Every once in a long while, something BIG happens on the Internet and can be felt around the world, across multiple industries. Something which will end up being very disruptive to some industries while creating new opportunities and ecosystems in others.

When I started to develop the #140conf events two years ago, I didn’t appreciate how significant the introduction and the evolution of the real-time Internet would have both on business and on the human experience.

Two years ago we were in the very early days of the next BIG thing, the real-time Internet. After a couple of years of brewing, the table has been set for the real-time, NOW Internet to emerge.

To better understand the "State of NOW", the #140conf is bringing together a pretty amazing worldwide community June 15/16 in New York City.

I believe #140conf will be one of the landmark conferences of 2011. Just take a look at the schedule – http://nyc.140conf.com/schedule and the people who will be speaking and sharing their stories – http://nyc.140conf.com/speakers-2 if you have any doubts.

If you want to understand the unintended consequences of the "State of NOW" on your business, or have a chance to see new opportunities emerge for you to take advantage of, there is no better place to be than #140conf.

Delegates attending #140conf (so far) represent 15 countries across: Asia, Europe, Pacific, North America and South America. Looking at the delegates from the United States, at the moment 25 States will be represented. The gathering #140conf community will hear from over 130 people sharing one stage during the course of the 2 days. Some will be individual talks, others one-on-one interviews — and there will be some great panel discussions. And in all cases, these sessions are fast paced as they run between 10 and 15 minutes a piece.

Join us at #140conf where we will excite your imagination and be in a place where one can feel the warmth and positive energy of our community. I would appreciate your help in building our #140conf community.

The cost to attend both days (June 15 / 16) is: only US$ 140 if you register before June 8th. The price then goes to US$ 240 leading up to the event. I am not aware of any other event taking place in the United States or elsewhere in the world, which offers better value for your time or your money.

To REGISTER, please visit: http://nyc.140conf.com/register

I do hope you can join us.

Best regards, Jeff

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