President Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month, The Sugar Wars Are Heating Up, Martial Law Lifted in Bahrain, Protests Continue — your custom newsletter Jun 2, 2011
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2825115_97.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Obama Admin Rescinds Wilderness Protection
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar sent a letter on Wednesday to the Director…
by: GinaMarie Cheeseman
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2824856_97.jpg from Politics
House Republican Economic Strategy Reprises Bush Era Failures
House Republican leaders late last week released a new plan to boost jobs and…
by: Lindsay Spangler
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2824545_97.jpg from Education
Queen’s University Told To Address "Culture Of Drinking"
It’s a rite of passage. Students move out of Mom and Dad’s with a carload of…
by: Shannon M.
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2824804_97.jpg from Politics
Welfare Recipients Have To Pay Out of Pocket For Mandatory Drug Tests In Florida
Florida Governor Rick Scott may have handed over his interest in a medical…
by: Robin Marty
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2824397_97.jpg from Animal Welfare
Rescue of Baby Raccoons & Their Mama Stuck in Drainpipe (VIDEO)
For the New England Wildlife Center, the business of mending broken…
by: Laura Simpson
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2824840_97.jpg from Global Warming
Ocean Acidification Makes Clownfish Go Deaf (Poor Nemo…)
Another Unforeseen Consequence of Global Warming The planet’s oceans absorb a…
by: Lindsay Spangler
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2824252_97.jpg from Civil Rights
Vanessa Williams Supports New York Marriage Equality
Award winning actress and singer Vanessa Williams this week added her voice…
by: Steve Williams
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2824805_97.jpg from Real Food
Avoiding Food Illness: Wash Hands, Produce and Reusable Grocery Bags
Killer cucumbers, E. Coli and pesticides: what’s not to worry about?…
by: Tracy Petrucci
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2824945_97.jpg from Global Warming
Eat Less Meat to Fight Climate Change
Today Good magazine launched its 30-day Challenge for June which is to…
by: GinaMarie Cheeseman
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2824943_97.jpg from Politics
Martial Law Lifted in Bahrain But Protests Continue
Today King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa lifted the martial law that had been…
by: Kristina Chew
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2824911_97.jpg from trailblazers for good
Live Blogging from the Cause Marketing Forum Conference – Day 1
Editor’s Note: This week, Joe Waters will be attending the Cause Marketing…
by: Joe W.
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2824681_97.jpg from Animal Welfare
Jack Russell Terrier Helps with Household Chores (VIDEO)
Jesse the Jack Russell loves to show off his domestic abilities. Trained with…
by: Miranda Perry
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2824930_97.jpg from Education
Care2 Blogger Graduates Magna cum Laude from Princeton!
We’ve celebrated two babies in our blogger family, and today — another…
by: Cynthia Samuels
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2824776_97.jpg from Civil Rights
Rand Paul Thinks Middle East Exchange Students Should Be Tracked
Sean Hannity and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul discussed the Patriot Act on…
by: Robin Marty
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2824869_97.jpg from Animal Welfare
Weekly Winner Of America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Announced
Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas was selected as the first…
by: Sharon Seltzer
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2824753_97.jpg from Global Warming
Residents Flood EPA Mercury Hearings
Americans made their voices heard this week, turning out in huge crowds at…
by: Emily L.
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2824279_97.jpg from Education
Kids Say: Stop Bullying! It’s Not Cool! (VIDEO)
Where bullying is concerned, we hear a lot from adults talking about how laws…
by: Steve Williams
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2824872_97.jpg from Animal Welfare
Hedgehog Population Declines by 25% in the UK
The hedgehog population in the UK has dropped by a whopping 25% just in the…
by: Kristina Chew
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2824763_97.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Building Schools With Recycled Plastic Bottles
Community development initiatives rarely solve problems overnight. It’s a…
by: Emily L.
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2824709_97.jpg from Real Food
The Sugar Wars Are Heating Up: Sugar Manufacturers Sue High Fructose Corn Syrup Industry
Last fall, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) kicked off a $30 million…
by: Annie Urban
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2824837_97.jpg from Women’s Rights
Indiana Cannot Ban Planned Parenthood From Receiving Medicaid Funds
Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has already dropped out of the…
by: Robin Marty
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2824738_97.jpg from Politics
Why The Weiner "Controversy" Doesn’t Make Sense
When the "Weiner Hack" started over the weekend, I expected it to go away.It…
by: Robin Marty
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2824238_97.jpg from Civil Rights
Illinois Catholic Charity Ends Adoption Services Rather than Honor New Civil Unions Law
As Illinois’ civil unions law comes into effect Wednesday, Catholic Charities…
by: Steve Williams
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2824789_97.jpg from Human Rights
Sec. Clinton Announces Global Sports Initiative For Girls
The Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the launch of the…
by: Jessica Pieklo
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2824607_97.jpg from Global Warming
We Need An International Arctic Treaty Fast
The world urgently needs a comprehensive international agreement to protect…
by: Andreas Spath
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2824765_97.jpg from Human Rights
Syria Accused of Systematic Killing and Torturing of Its Own People, Including Children
Australia’s foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, has called for Syrian President…
by: Kristina Chew
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2824730_97.jpg from Women’s Rights
Abortion Clinic Murders Thwarted: War on Women
Just two years ago Dr. George Tiller was murdered in cold-blood while…
by: Jessica Pieklo
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2823538_97.jpg from Women’s Rights
Egyptian General Admits to "Virginity Checks" on Protesters
In March, Care2 blogger Amelia wrote about Amnesty International’s…
by: Annie Urban
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2824688_97.jpg from Health Policy
After Autistic Girl’s Death, Questions About Why Tracking Device Did Not Work
10-year-old Kristina Vlassenko was reported missing within an hour after her…
by: Kristina Chew
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2824635_97.jpg from Education
Is Sesame Street All A Front for Promoting "Liberal Politics?"
Earlier this year, Congressional Republicans were clamoring to defund PBS,…
by: Robin Marty
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2824201_97.jpg from Civil Rights
Iowa Republican Launches Group Supporting Gay Marriage
Bucking the trend of Iowa conservatives aggressively seeking to roll back…
by: Steve Williams
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2824631_97.jpg from Politics
Christie Goes For a (State Police) Helicopter Ride
I admit the traffic in New Jersey can be bad. Yesterday afternoon, my son and…
by: Kristina Chew
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2824597_97.jpg from Politics
Romney: Obama "One of the Most Ineffective Presidents"
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is doubling down on his "it’s about the…
by: Robin Marty
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2824508_97.jpg from Animal Welfare
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (Video)
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and there are so many wonderful cats…
by: Aimee Gertsch
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2823638_97.jpg from Real Food
Planting Trees Today, Growing Better for Tomorrow
As Abarash Dongoro hikes the dirt road back to her home in Ethiopia’s Siraro…
by: Emily L.
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2824456_97.jpg from Politics
Morning Mix: There’s Always Room For More In the Pool
Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is reassuring the GOP that there’s…
by: Robin Marty
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2824175_97.jpg from Civil Rights
President Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month
This week President Obama issued a proclamation that June is to be Lesbian,…
by: Steve Williams
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