Western Australia Heritage under threat – Robin Chapple “Barnett must stop Woodside’s destruction of Dinosaur Trackway”

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

Dampier Peninsula Coastline S34967

Image by yaruman5 via Flickr


Barnett must stop Woodside’s destruction of

7th June 2011

Greens Member for Mining and Pastoral Robin Chapple MLC has welcomed a recommendation by the Australian Heritage Council to include the

coastline in the National Heritage listing of the West Kimberley.

“This is an important development and upholds a call that both the scientific community and the local community have been making for some time for the protection and proper management of the area,” Mr Chapple said.

“I call on the Premier Colin Barnett to order an immediate halt to all ground disturbing works being carried out on the Dampier Peninsula coast, including works by Woodside and its contractors in the area around James Price Point.

“Industrial development must not be permitted in areas of high conservation and heritage value that are the right of all Australians to enjoy.”

Mr Chapple said the Heritage Council’s findings underline the importance of not allowing industrial development to proceed until all environmental and heritage assessments have been finalized.

“To allow work to proceed before such assessments have been completed undermines the assessment process and could lead to wanton destruction of unique and irreplaceable heritage sites,” Mr Chapple said.

“According to the Heritage Council, the Dampier Peninsula coastline contains the best and most extensive evidence of dinosaurs in the western half of

. Indeed the Council found the area met six different national heritage criteria.

“There are other locations that can accommodate an industrial site. The only way to protect the dinosaur trackway is to disallow destructive developments,” Mr Chapple said.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

All the best

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

PO Box 94, West Perth WA 6872

41 Havelock Street, West Perth. WA 6005

Phone: (08) 9486 8255 | Email: Robin.Chapple | Freecall: 1800 138 610

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