Japan’s new experience – People power emerges from the radiated homes near #Fukushima

Yasuhira San @neko_neko_nek  tweets from #Fukushima on the historic protests by families forced to send children to school in radiated areas.


As the Nuclear plant owner and Japanese Government continue to ignore desperate pleas for relocation they have created a new people’s movement.


Yasuhiro San is one of many people who have used previous community experience ( as a labour organiser ) and new media’s choice of hard news, twitter, to highlight the need for urgent action.


Online activists like me have been working together with ‘tweeps’ in Japan since the Tsunami to provide accurate information and lately to demand safety for children and adults living in areas radiated well beyond the work safety standard.


Tonight Yasuhiro San was clearly moved by the nature of the community response to deadly threats, suggesting it is the first time a real people’s movement has emerged in Japan’s living memory.



The shadow picture of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Shadow Map of Fukushima Prefecture

A series of tweets from Yasuhiro San, not in his first language.



About June 11 2011.

 Somebody said yesterday “Today is history!”.#Fukushima,#Nuclear,#611nonukes 

Ordinary people appealed for their human rights for the first time from their hearts in Japan.

There have never been people’s revolution in true meaning in Japan.

 The great reformation had been done by the rulling class or Foreign power.

Reformations had never been by people from our own heart.

The present establishment was builded right after when Japan was lost by United Nation at 1945.

At 1945, USA changed sovereign from Tenno,Japanese Emperor to Nation.

But we, Japanese had not gotten it by ourseleves. So we have not known the true value of it.

We have left difficulty to Government and bureaucrats. 

We wouldn’t struggle to solve it by ourselves.

But now we wake up.

We have to do by ourseleves.  

We have to struggle to continue to get human rights by ourseleves.

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