Australia – When did the Government know the full extent of the #Fukushima crisis? – Greens. cc @neko_neko_nek

When did the Australian Government know the full extent of the  crisis? – Greens


Map of Fukushima Prefecture.
Image via Wikipedia


Image via Wikipedia

When did the Australian Government know the full extent of the Fukushima crisis? – Greens

Media Release – Senator Scott Ludlam – Wednesday June 15

The Government must reveal when it first knew that radiation impacts from the Fukushima meltdown were twice as bad as first claimed by Japanese authorities, the Australian Greens said today.

Senator Scott Ludlam raised the issue as a matter of public importance today in the Senate while honouring the victims of the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th.

On June 1st, the world learned that Japanese authorities had suppressed detection of radioactive tellurium 6km from Fukushima since March 12th. The presence of this isotope indicates that the temperature of the fuel rods was over 1000 degrees, indicating that 24 hours after the crisis, Japanese authorities knew a meltdown had started.

“Did the Australian interdepartmental emergency task force set up by DFAT as a result of the emergency know this? Did ARPANSA? If not, why not?  Did the Australian Government assist in suppressing this information, or was it not passed on at all by Japanese authorities?

“On June 7th Japan confessed that fuel in three of the reactors at Fukushima had melted through the reactor containment structures.  The day before this report was submitted to the UN, Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency doubled the figure for the radiation it estimated was released into the atmosphere in the first six days from 370,000 terabecquerels to 770,000.

“The Australian people have a right to know – when did our government know this category 7 disaster was twice as bad as the Japanese government claimed?

 “Radioactive poison has been leaking for three months into the air, into the water and on to Japan’s fields, it is now in Tokyo’s sewerage system, in drinking water, in food, in tea, in fish. The Japanese government has been involved in a cover-up. Has ours?”

Media Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

Media Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

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