Huge news on Australian Forest conservation, and an urgent call to action from GetUp – BREAKING: forest agreement reached

Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania

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In the early hours of this morning, the Tasmanian logging industry and environmental groups signed off on a final agreement to protect 570,000 hectares of ancient high conservation value forests, with the majority of it being protected immediately. The conflict between these two groups has been a part of the political landscape for a generation of Australians – but last night’s agreement can end it.

This turning point will mean nothing if the agreement does not have the full commitment and financial support of State and Federal Governments. Environmentalists, unionists and loggers have over a year negotiating this agreement – now is when you come in. Our voices can help pressure the Federal and Tasmanian Government to implement this historic agreement.

Can you send an email to your local MP or Senator and ask them to commit to implementing this agreement by creating Australia’s newest national parks for Australia’s oldest trees:

Ending the 30 year deadlock hasn’t been easy. Both sides have agreed to significant compromises. Long-held positions were challenged and set aside in order to come to an agreement that can deliver real environmental protection and a sustainable timber industry that is competitive in the 21st century marketplace.

The agreement opens the way for the government to immediately save almost half a million hectares of Tasmania’s ancient native forests. Like the Daintree rainforests and Kakadu, Tasmania’s forests are a key part of our national identity.

We need to show the government that is it not just the representatives of the timber industry and environment groups who support an end to the conflict over Tasmania’s forests. Send your message here.

Thanks for all you do,
The GetUp team.

PS – The newly released agreement is a complex one. It addresses some issues up front and leaves others to be resolved through ongoing processes. To read the full agreement and discuss what it means, check out this blog post.

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