Australian Institute of Management WA – Leadership Week: 27 July – 3 August

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Leadership Week is a new annual initiative that brings Leadership into focus. This year’s inaugural event
coincides with the first public viewing of our new 6 Star Green Star Rated Learning and Development facility,
the Katitjin Centre. Here are just a couple of events taking place during the week:

The ‘New’ Leadership
Self Organising Systems – what does it mean for leadership?
Tuesday 2 August 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Panel Discussion with Sue Murphy, CEO, Water Corporation, Doug Aberle, CEO, Western Power and
Dr Fiona Wood, Head of Royal Perth Hospital’s Burns Unit

This workshop explores quality leaders within Perth who are able to simultaneously operate in processes that are both
formal (managing their business/getting results) and informal (fostering initiative, challenging habits and assumptions,
engaging people in strategic conversation).

As leaders, they engage in a process of constant inquiry that allows them to take appropriate action and see a situation
as a whole enabling them to make quality decisions without compromise.

■ This event is complimentary for participants.

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Sustainability in Organisations
Wednesday 3 August 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Panel Discussion with Craig Salt, Director, Sustainable Consulting, Daniel Colgan, Colgan Industries and other
panel members

An interactive and informative panel discussion that will outline the main leadership themes in the sustainability space over
the past 10 years. During the session, Craig will identify 15 WA-based leaders from the business, government and
community sectors who have made significant progress in the sustainability space, and who have participated in his study
on Sustainability in Organisations.

■ This event is complimentary for participants.

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View the full list of Leadership Week Events or for further information, please call Client Services on (08) 9383 8000.

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