2 thoughts on “Pre-Conference Institute Registration is Now Open”

  1. Hi Tony,
    As a member of the ALP, I am so over Barnett…Cutting spending to all doctors and hospitals since last year of 10%. He is now proposing more spending cuts to the Health Department. I do rely heavily on the medical fraternity and am thus subject to ‘change’ almost on a monthly basis.
    As far as the workplace agreement goes ~ What workplace?…The Howard Govt. surely changed that in 2005, and ultimately in 2009. Unions have fewer members, thus less power ~ good or not??
    I was at the State conference Dinner last Saturday night. There was a lot of noise about gay rights having passed in the house of reps…Now that we have a new Govt, and the Greens hold the power, who knows what will get / get not changed…
    Just a few words,
    Regards, Nora

    1. Great to hear from you Nora.
      For years I’ve thought, well, he’s basically a decent guy, just badly advised.
      Now, not so much

      cheers and thanks for stopping by

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