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2845646.medium.jpg from Politics
Showdown in New Jersey Over Climate Pollution Pact
In response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s announcement that he would pull out of a multi-state agreement, known as the Regional Greenh…
by: Jennifer M.
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2845606.medium.jpg from Global Warming
It’s Time For Civil Disobedience To Stop Keystone XL Pipeline
Last week, eleven veterans of the environmental movement issued an open letter to Canadians and Americans inviting them to participate in a massive pu…
by: Beth Buczynski
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2845664.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Over 12,000 Tons of Plastic Ingested by Fish (VIDEO)
Fish in the North Pacific ingest plastic at a rate of roughly 12,000- to 24,000 tons per year, according to researchers from the Scripps Environmental…
by: Kristina C.
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2845618.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Japanese Youth Show Signs Of Radiation Exposure
Test results show that children living in Fukushima city during the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear fallout may suffer from inte…
by: Beth Buczynski
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2845634.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
ExxonMobil Pipeline Spills Oil Into Yellowstone River
Over 100 residents of Laurel, Montana, were evacuated from their homes early Saturday morning due to oil pipeline that spilled approximately 1,000 bar…
by: Beth Buczynski
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2845571.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Will Enviornmental Bans Make July 4th Fireworks a Thing of the Past?
A San Diego Superior Court judge’s ruling that fireworks displays may damage the environment and should be banned in the southern part o…
by: Angela B.
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2845579.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Polar Bear Not Endangered, Rules Federal Judge
On Thursday, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Obama administration’s request to list the polar bear as merely threatened, not endangered, u…
by: Beth Buczynski
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2845642.medium.jpg from Education
Happy Fourth Of July! We Are Free From Who, Now?
The Boston Tea Party. Bombs bursting in air. The midnight ride of Paul Revere. There’s a lot of historical moments for our country tied up in…
by: Robin M.
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2845599.medium.jpg from Politics
Does the US Still Want to Be a Nation of Immigrants?
After the repealing of the DREAM Act; a number of states including Arizona and Georgia introducing anti-immigration legislation; school districts requ…
by: Kristina C.
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2845480.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
UPDATE: Jersey Baboon Started Her Long Weekend Early
UPDATE, midnight, July 3 (Jersey time): The baboon has been found after she travelled through two counties! (Yes, the baboon is a female.) — Tha…
by: Kristina C.
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2845577.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
Horses & Oxen More Than Pull Their Worth (VIDEO)
Living in a digital age, it’s good to know that sometimes we still need to do things the way our forebears did. Fred is a Belgian draft horse ca…
by: Kristina C.
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2845359.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
Pastor on Gay Marriage: There’s No Us and Them
As same-sex marriage advocates in Maine move to put the question of legalizing gay marriage before voters at the 2012 ballot, the group Equalit…
by: Steve W.
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2845607.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
Protesters Rally Against Georgia Immigration Law
This Fourth of July weekend, it’s important to remember that one of our most important rights as Americans is the ability to publicly dissent. …
by: Amelia T.
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2845644.medium.jpg from Politics
Syria Sees Its Biggest Protest Yet (VIDEO)
A day after tens of thousands joined protests in the city of Hama, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sacked the city’s governor, Ahmed Abdul-Aziz…
by: Kristina C.
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2845575.medium.jpg from Politics
Morning Mix: Blame It On The Cain
Just when Herman Cain appeared to be gaining a little traction in the GOP presidential race, that momentum appears to be ebbing. Politico announcing …
by: Robin M.
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