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Hi tony,

Dropping out of nursing school was hard for Carol, a Kokoberrin woman, but finding a job and caring for her children in her hometown of Normanton was even harder.

But with the help of a local group for Aboriginal women, she got training and now has a steady job and stable income. Give more Indigenous Australians like Carol a chance to succeed »

The disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is stark and unjust. Too many Indigenous kids don’t get a chance to get an education. One in three adults is unemployed.

Carol’s path was hard. But the leaders at Aboriginal Women’s organisation saw potential in her and helped her get the training she needed to be successful. She’s been promoted at work and gets to help other people in her community get the health care they need.

Businesses, non-profits and the government have partnered to fund programs that help end the disparity, but all Australians need to be on board to help women like Carol achieve their dreams.

Join the movement to help end Indigenous disadvantage »

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