MEDIA ALERT: “Woodside, You’re Nicked”

Thursday 7 July 2011

“Woodside, You’re Nicked”

A large crowd will gather outside Woodside’s head office in Perth at 12noon today to ‘arrest’ Woodside for a series of crimes against the environment and communities in the Kimberley.

Citizens dressed as police will present Woodside with a charge sheet and ask them tohand yourselves in to your nearest police station. WA’s finest would come and get you themselves but they’re too busy holding the hands of your bulldozer contractors at James Price Point!”

Woodside, in cahoots with the WA government, is trying to impose its massive polluting gas hub on the pristine Kimberley coast despite growing community opposition and the existence of less destructive gas processing options.

Where: Woodside HQ, 240 St Georges Tce, Perth
When: 12 NOON, today
What: “Woodside, You’re Nicked!”

Peter Robertson
State Coordinator
The Wilderness Society (WA) Inc.
‘City West Lotteries House’
2 Delhi St, West Perth 6005
ph: (08) 9420 7258
mob: 0409 089 020
e: peter.robertson

Wilderness – The original and best of Planet Earth

Join The Wilderness Society WA: Membership freecall 1800 030 641

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