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Anyone who has been out of work knows the stress unemployment can cause. These days, too many people have to worry about when they’ll get their next paycheck, or how they will provide for their families. »

All Australians worry about finding and keeping work. But unemployment is an especially devastating problem for Indigenous Australians, who face an unemployment rate three times higher than other Australians.

Ensuring Indigenous Australians have access to and training for jobs and careers that exist and will last is the best way to end this disparity, but the problem won’t go away unless all Australians take a stand. »

No one should face the fear and worry that chronic unemployment causes.

Take the pledge today to encourage job training and support for Indigenous Australians and to learn about ways to make a difference. Together we can help end Indigenous disparity in Australia. »

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Ellen B.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Help Fight Devastating Unemployment Among Indigenous Australians
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