280 children in Afghanistan jails – are you OK with that? – Support the Rights of Afghan Women & #Children

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Within Afghanistan’s prisons currently sit about 860 women, 620 teenage girls, and 280 children. Why? The women are said to be perpetrators of "moral crimes." These include leaving abusive husbands, refusing to be forced into marriage, and carrying the murder sentence of their husbands.

Demand that Afghan women are granted due process and are allowed to fight these allegations.»

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush teamed up with journalist Karen Day and Marie Claire magazine to raise awareness and fight for the rights of women in Afghanistan.

"I was filled with rage as I imagined these women and often young girls being imprisoned, and sometimes stoned, buried alive, or even burned to death as punishment… I simply could not imagine living in a country where I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion…" Bush reflects.

Afghan women are supposed to be protected from many of these accusations, but with 1,480 women and girls stuck behind bars it is clear that the laws protecting them are all but ignored.

Help fight for the rights of Afghan women and demand that moral crime convictions against women are lifted and stopped.»

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Afghan Women
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