Australia – big retailer challenged to match words with action on destruction of forests – “Will Harvey Norman become environmental heroes?”

Last week GetUp members created a storm with this ‘No Harvey Norman No’ parody ad.

It made such an impact that it put Harvey Norman CEO Gerry Harvey on the defensive in the media. In response to our campaign, Mr. Harvey told the ABC "I’m an environmentalist too." And that’s exactly the response we’d hoped for!

But if Harvey Norman really want to be environmentalists, they have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. As Australia’s biggest retailer, Harvey Norman could become environmental leaders making a simple change: switching from native forests to sustainable plantation trees (see below for more on why this is important).

With Harvey Norman on the defensive, it’s clear the pressure from GetUp members is working. But until Harvey Norman actually commit to changing their ways, let’s keep the campaign going by forwarding this video to as many friends as possible:

Click to watch

We know many GetUp members want to read through all the detail behind this campaign before taking action. Our partners at Markets For Change have spent over a year doing painstaking research into the furniture industry in Australia, and their undercover investigators have compiled irrefutable evidence regarding the source of timber for Harvey Norman and other furniture retailers. Their full report is available here, or check out our FAQ below for more information.

Last year Harvey Norman spent over $100 million on advertising, so their jingle is familiar to every Australian. If we all forward this video to our friends and family we can make sure that next time they see Harvey Norman’s ad, they’re reminded of the company’s environmental choices. Click below to check out the ad and forward it to friends:

With hope,
the GetUp Team.

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