Motorbikes for Mental Health update from Steve @blackdogride Fwd: July 2011 Update

Black Dog Ride Newsletter

July Update


Hi Tony

I’m getting excited and just a little nervous. It’s less than 5 weeks until we saddle up and hit the road on Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre 2011. So far we have over 160 riders registered who come from every mainland state in Australia. On Sunday August 21 the Perth, Brisbane , Sydney and Melbourne groups will embark on their journey of awareness raising, fundraising, biker camradarie and personal discovery. The Darwin and Adelaide riders, due to the shorter distance they have to travel, will depart on Wednesday 24th and all groups will meet in Alice Springs on Friday August 26. It’s going to be awesome!

The nerves are there only because this year, apart from the logistics of the Ride, we have planned 37 functions with Lions Clubs all around the country, 12 of these will be Community Presentations given by representatives of the Black Dog Institute . It has been a huge undertaking which we are still working on and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful Lions Clubs, the staff at the Institute and our intrepid BDR State Coordinators for helping to make these important functions possible.

BDR Documentary


Following numerous diappointments by TV Networks we are very pleased to announce that West TV, a community television station in Western Australia, has agreed to screen our BDR documentary which was so fabulously filmed and edited by Lomax Media and generously funded by Forest Personell .

The screenings will take place Sunday 31 July @20.30-21.00 (WST), Wed 3 August @19.00-19.30 and Saturday 6 August @ 20.30-21.00. Following screening the program can be streamed here.

I would like to thank Perth media personality Jason Jordan for his help in making this possible.

You can help make a difference!


The money raised from last year’s Ride, nearly $80,000, went to the Black Dog Institute to help them roll out their internationally recognised Community Education Programs across the country. It’s an ambitious and vitally necessary initiative which needs your support. The Government recently committed significant funding to mental health but it’s coming off a very low base and takes too long to reach the people who need help now. People like you or a loved one or a friend, 1 in 5 Australians who suffer from depression. Currently, over 50% of those suffering haven’t sought treatment. We can help change that!

You can make a difference NOW! Your donation today will help an organisation working at the coalface in the battle against the black dog. Please DONATE HERE.


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Black Dog Ride P.O. Box 524 Claremont 6910

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