People Vs Big Bizness in #Australia . Biz about to unleash Ad blitz – Fwd: While we can’t outspend them…


Dear tony,

Did you see the ad in this morning’s paper with the big orange letters attacking the proposed climate price? It’s just the beginning of a multi-million dollar scare campaign to mislead voters and intimidate MPs into backing down. Here’s the good news: the facts are on our side and it’s easy to prove. We just need to ensure voters get the straight story.

We can’t outspend the industry giants. But we can get our message out widely enough that every time voters see an ad from the polluters, they already know why it’s wrong. Once the facts are clear, even the biggest PR budgets in the country can’t make people forget the truth.

So we’re moving fast this afternoon to get a response ad in tomorrow morning’s papers. We’re trying for a national buy with very little notice, which is pricey, so we all need to chip in right away to pull it off. Can you pitch in to make it happen before tonight’s deadline?

Click here to correct the polluters’ lies.

Thanks for jumping into action,

The GetUp Team

P.S. Advertising industry insiders have told us that in the coming days more ads have been booked by the big polluters. Let’s get out the truth before their campaign really ramps up so that every time voters see their ads they already know the facts.

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