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New commentary

Is this News Limited’s defence?

19 July, 2011 | News Limited does some things very well, writes Geoffrey Barker in Inside Story. Self-analysis isn’t one of them

Come now, there are no tabloids in Europe

15 July, 2011 | Well actually, there are and the European media took the closure of News of the World as an opportunity to reflect on the future of tabloid media on the continent, writes Charles McPhedran on New Matilda.

Why we need the new news environment to be chaotic

19 July, 2011 | With revenue from newspapers decreasing, Clay Shirky and others suggest papers re-invent themselves as non-profits to take advantage of government subsidies.

Be alert not alarmed: ‘tell-tale’ symptoms may not indicate ovarian cancer

21 July, 2011 | Our public heath messages need to be refined, writes Marian Pitts in The Conversation.

When freedom is fatal: the preventable deaths of recently released prisoners

19 July, 2011 | A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia concludes that more prison inmates in Australia die in the year after they’ve been released than the annual number of deaths in custody writes Alex Wodak.

We’re not really helping

19 July, 2011 | Economic growth, not foreign aid, is overcoming long-term poverty in the world, writes Hugh White in The Age.

OOHC not working for at-risk kids

21 July, 2011 | Australia’s out of home care (OOHC) system is not run in the best interests of vulnerable children, argues Jeremy Sammut in The Drum Unleashed.

New research

Creative & Digital

Green paper on a common strategic framework for EU reseach and innovation funding

European Commission Research and Innovation
20 July, 2011 | The public consultation on the Common Strategic Framework for EU research and innovation funding closed recently with an unprecedented 1300 responses including 775 position papers from interested parties.

Opportunities for small business and community organisations in NBN first release areas

Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
15 July, 2011 | This study reports on the potential for small businesses and community organisations to take advantage of the NBN, based on findings from a series of targeted focus groups held in Brunswick, Townsville, Kiama, Armidale and Willunga.


Reflections on age discrimination: The price we pay for growing older

Elizabeth Broderick | Australian Human Rights Commission
15 July, 2011 | In this talk for the Sydney Institute Elizabeth Broderick, Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination focusses on older people and age discrimination, particularly in paid work.

Approaches to personal money management

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)
15 July, 2011 | Designed to help policy makers better understand how money is managed in Australia, this paper informs the development of approaches to assist people in financial difficulty and to prevent people getting into such situations.

The wage-penalty effect: The hidden cost of maternity leave

David Baker | The Australia Institute
18 July, 2011 | Australian women suffer a ‘wage penalty’ when they return to work after having a child, according to new research by the Australia Institute.


Services for academic libraries in the new era

Rania Konsta, Michalis Gerolimos | D-Lib Magazine
19 July, 2011 | The purpose of this paper is to document the integration of Web 2.0 services into the working framework of some of the most advanced academic libraries in the world.

Understanding the undertow: innovative responses to labour market disadvantage and VET

Tanya Bretherton | National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)
15 July, 2011 | Increasing productivity by moving people from welfare to employment is a priority for the Australian Government. This report considers the complex issues of helping those marginalised from the labour market into employment.

Human rights education in the national school curriculum

Australian Human Rights Commission
15 July, 2011 | This document outlines the Commission’s position on why human rights education is an important component of the Curriculum and our suggestions for how human rights education can be further strengthened in the Curriculum.

Who gets the ‘gift of time’ in Australia? Exploring delayed primary school entry

Mario Fiorini, Matthew Taylor, Ben Edwards | Australian Review of Public Affairs
18 July, 2011 | Little is known about the factors associated with delayed school entry in Australia but the practice of ‘academic red-shirting’ is becoming more common in the developed world.

Regenerating the academic workforce

Daniel Edwards, Emmaline Bexley, Sarah Richardson | Centre for the Study of Higher Education
20 July, 2011 | The report primarily explores the career intentions and motivations of research students. It provides particular emphasis on their interests in following an academic career on completion of their degree and the support they have received.

Environment & Planning

Kakadu: Vulnerability to climate change impacts

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
15 July, 2011 | Examining the potential impacts of climate change and sea level rise on the South Alligator River system in Kakadu National Park, this report discusses adaptation options and opportunities to improve future planning, management and policy responses.

A systematic review of observed climate change adaptation in developed nations

Jaclyn Paterson, Lea Berrang-Ford, James D. Ford | Climatic Change
15 July, 2011 | In this paper, the authors develop and apply a systematic mixed-methods literature review methodology to identify and characterize how climate change adaptation is taking place in developed nations.

Addressing locational disadvantage effectively

Vicki-Ann Ware, Hellene Gronda, Laura Vitis | Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
15 July, 2011 | The report covers the scope and quality of the evidence, the definition of locational disadvantage, the types and outcomes of interventions and identifies best practice principles and lessons.


Alcohol and other drug treatment services national minimum data set 2011-12

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
15 July, 2011 | Prepared as a reference, this data specifications and collection manual will be useful to staff in Australian Government, state and territory departments, and alcohol and other drug treatment agencies.

Snapshot of Australian primary health care research 2011

Belinda Lunnay | Primary Health Care Research and Information Service
15 July, 2011 | This snapshot of recent Australian research projects demonstrates the potential for primary health care research to improve the health of Australians.

Collaborating with consumer and community representatives in health and medical research in Australia

Janet M. Payne | Health Research Policy and Systems, 9:18
15 July, 2011 | Collaborating with consumer and community representatives in the Alcohol and Pregnancy Project 2006-2008, this paper evaluates researchers’ and consumer and community representatives’ perceptions of the process, context and impact their participation in the project.

An overview of reviews evaluating the effectiveness of financial incentives in changing healthcare professional behaviours and patient outcomes

Gerd Flodgren | Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
18 July, 2011 | The ultimate goal of using financial incentives to change healthcare professionals’ behaviours should be increased quality of care and, by extension, improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, or improved access to care.


Home internet for remote Indigenous communities

Ellie Rennie, Andrew Crouch, Julian Thomas, Alyson Wright | Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
19 July, 2011 | Documenting the circumstances and experiences of three remote Indigenous communities in central Australia, this report outlines the reasons for the low level of internet use and considers the future prospects for ‘home internet’ in these communities.

Guidelines for ethical research in Australian Indigenous studies

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
15 July, 2011 | Indigenous peoples have inherent rights, including the right to self-determination. The principles in these Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies are founded on respect for their rights.

Changes in Indigenous labour force status: Establishing employment as a social norm?

Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter | Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research
15 July, 2011 | This paper provides an assessment of the substantial extent to which Indigenous labour force status has changed over the period 1994 to 2008.


Is a nuclear-free east Asia possible? Opportunities and constraints

Peter Hayes | Global Asia
15 July, 2011 | Since President Obama declared the abolition of nuclear weapons to be the overarching goal of American policy, security analysts and ordinary people have been grappling with the implications of this declaration for the East Asia region.

China seen overtaking U.S. as global superpower

Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project
18 July, 2011 | In most regions of the world, opinion of the United States continues to be more favorable than it was in the Bush years, but U.S. image now faces a new challenge: doubts about America’s superpower status.

A review of the health leadership and management capacity in Solomon Islands

Augustine Asante, Graham Roberts, John Hall | Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub
18 July, 2011 | This review describes the current state of health management and leadership capacity and issues that affect management performance in the Solomon Islands.


Police interviews with vulnerable adult suspects

Lorana Bartels | Australian Institute of Criminology
15 July, 2011 | In this paper, some of the key issues police are likely to encounter when dealing with vulnerable adult suspects are considered and an overview of the Australian legislation and police policies governing police interviews in such circumstances is presented.

Counting the cost: estimating the number of deaths among recently released prisoners in Australia

Stuart A. Kinner | Medical Journal of Australia
18 July, 2011 | The number of deaths among recently released prisoners in Australia is considerably greater than the annual number of deaths in custody, highlighting the extreme vulnerability of this population on return to the community.

Does imprisonment deter? A review of the evidence

Donald Ritchie | Sentencing Advisory Council
15 July, 2011 | Deterrence theory is based upon the classical economic theory of rational choice, which assumes that people weigh up the costs and benefits of a particular course of action whenever they make a decision.


Australia’s Federation: an agenda for reform

Senate Select Committee on Reform of the Australian Federation
21 July, 2011 | Australia’s federal system of government has served it well, but improvements are in order.

Australia’s angry mayors: how population growth frustrates local councils

Oliver Marc Hartwich, Adam Creighton | The Centre for Independent Studies
18 July, 2011 | The level of frustration with inadequate finance for required infrastructure upgrades is high, and population growth is the reason behind rate hikes. Local government finance reform is overdue.

The real cost of direct action: An analysis of the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan

Matt Grudnoff, Richard Denniss | The Australia Institute
15 July, 2011 | This analysis finds that the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan will cost far more than is budgeted for and is unlikely to find sufficient greenhouse gas reduction projects in order to reach the Coalition’s emissions reduction target.

Social Policy

Making prevention work in human services for children and youth

Gerry Redmond, Brian W. Head | Australian Review of Public Affairs
18 July, 2011 | While governments cannot reasonably counter or reverse all the negative outcomes of social problems experienced by every citizen, the rationale of the ‘prevention’ approach is to anticipate and mitigate the likelihood of negative outcomes.

Equity and access: understanding emergency health service use by newly arrived refugees

Mohamud Sheikh | Medical Journal of Australia
18 July, 2011 | While most newly resettled refugees are able to make a call for emergency medical help, a substantial number of respondents revealed that they were afraid to make such a call for fear of security implications, on the basis of experiences from their home countries.

Destined for (un)happiness: does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?

Michael A. Shields, David W. Johnston, Paul Frijters | Institute for the Study of Labor
18 July, 2011 | This paper addresses the question of how much of adult life satisfaction is predicted by childhood traits, parental characteristics and family socioeconomic status.

Relationships indicators survey 2011

Relationships Australia
20 July, 2011 | The overall objective of this research was to provide a statistically sound representative sample of feelings, attitudes and opinions about relationships within the Australian population.

New audio

Bigger cities, bigger slums

21 July, 2011 | Our increasing urbanisation means a significant growth in the size and number of the world’s slums. So, without romanticising the slum, can we make them places fit for living? And do we have any choice?

NT local government voting system ‘perverse’

21 July, 2011 |

The Northern Territory has been advised to change its system for electing local governments before elections are held in March next year.

New video

Beware online "filter bubbles"

20 July, 2011 | As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a "filter bubble" and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview.

Into the ERA era. Why research in Australia will never be the same again

20 July, 2011 | The first Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation of disciplinary and institutional research quality in early 2011 established a comprehensive measure of research performance. The effect on institutions was immediate and electric, everywhere triggering strategies to lift ERA rankings.

Asia Pacific master blogging challenge

15 July, 2011 | The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific hosts some of the world’s most prominent Asia-themed academic blogs including New Mandala, East Asia Forum and South Asia Masala.

New jobs

Senior Research Officer

CREATE Foundation 19 July, 2011 |

New events

Content crisis and convergence

LOCATION: UNSW CBD Campus Theatres 1 and 2, Level 6, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney
ORGANISED BY: The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

08 August, 2011 |

Securing a future for Australian media content on tomorrow’s screens is now unavoidably central to public policy. The federal government’s Convergence Review is a wide-ranging attempt to respond to this, covering most parts of the convergence puzzle.

Culture and community researcher’s network meeting

LOCATION: Graduate Centre, 1888 Grattan Street, University of Melbourne
ORGANISED BY: lucyp or call 9685 9067 before August 8th.

Improving housing affordability through tax reform: Australia and the UK in comparison

LOCATION: AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney, Cnr Bridge and Phillip Streets
ORGANISED BY: The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

15 September, 2011 | You are invited to join us for Improving housing affordability through tax reform: Australia and the UK in comparison to be held in Sydney on Thursday 15 September 2011 in advance of the Australian Government’s Tax Forum in October.As part of AHURI’s commitment to international collaborative research, this event is being organised in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to compare and contrast the case for tax reform to drive housing affordability in Australia and the UK.

Permit & Project Approvals

LOCATION: Medina Grand
ORGANISED BY: Tonkin Corporation

17 October, 2011 | Developing strategies to expedite your permit and project application process. Anyone involved in the exploration and production of minerals or petroleum in Australia is aware of the difficulties involved in gaining regulatory approval. Negotiating this process can be expensive, can rarely be guaranteed and can often cause significant delays.

New notices

Reframing the Future website to be decommissioned

20 July, 2011 |

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) will decommission the Reframing the Future website on 31 August 2011.

New websites


20 July, 2011 | Hansard is the name given to transcripts of parliamentary proceedings. This digital version has publications dating back to May 1901.

Australian Social Policy Association (ASPA)

18 July, 2011 | Established to promote debate and to increase understanding of social policy in Australia, the ASPA enables productive collaborations between those working and researching in social policy locally, across the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.


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