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Newsletter 56: Sunday edition 07-24-2011

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Independence Under Attack

Activist Post
Homeschool, Anti-Vaccine Family Being Ripped Apart by CPS: Chronology of a Kidnapping
The case of Jeffrey and Erica Henderson provides a continuation of the critical examination of Child Protective Services in the United States, as well as the legal framework in which they operate. The Hendersons were investigated at their home following an anonymous tip that Mr. Henderson had slapped his daughter. The Hendersons’ story, as well as the wider story of CPS abuse, reveals American society and its values, while questioning whose interests are really being served by removing children from the custody of their own parents. (read more)

Marti Oakley
GMO’s: Invasive Species Council and USDA Ignore Environmental Infection and Contamination
The recent deregulation of genetically mutated bluegrass is the first domino to fall in the scheme to deregulate all GMO’s and to avoid having to label these disgusting creations so that consumers, many of whom are fully aware of the dangers of these products, can choose to avoid them. (read more)

Other Key Articles to Read and Distribute

Globalism, Propaganda, War

The Murdoch Empire: How Media Shapes Society
James Corbett

Neocon Visits Libya Brandishing the Dahiyeh Doctrine and "The New Realities"
Seeking Context and Understanding From Libya’s Youth
Franklin Lamb

Israeli Mossad’s International Criminal Activities Revealed Yet Again
Madison Ruppert

Domestic Politics, Economy, Police State, Internet Control

Is It Too Late to Buy American?
Lois Rain

Access Denied: Judicial Reform Activist Deemed "Vexatious Litigant"
Janet C. Phelan

Police State Insanity: Teens Arrested Waiting For Parents in Curfew Sweep
Analyzing the Oslo Attacks: Terrorist Event, or False Flag Distraction?
Analyzing the Oslo Attacks, part 2: If it was a False Flag, Who was Behind It?
Roller Rink Shooting in Texas Kills 6
Madison Ruppert

Health, Survival, Environment

Food Considerations in Times of Crises: Immediate Nutrition-No Preps
Food Considerations in Times of Crises: Short-term 90 Days
The Berkey Guy

USDA Wants Hipster Farmers
Lois Rain

Fukushima, Japan: Medical Media Indictment
Dr. Mark Sircus

First-ever National Heirloom Exposition in CA this September
Rady Ananda

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Weekly Series: The Creature From Jekyll Island

Part 6: Building The New World Order

We believe that the information contained in G. Edward Griffin’s seminal book is essential in understanding how our financial world has been imploded by a banking elite that seeks to consolidate control into even fewer hands and end the prospect of self-directed economic freedom. Please read these weekly chapter summaries and share with everyone you know — especially your children. This book is an incredibly interesting detective story about the history of money that successfully overcomes the hurdle of dry economics and history textbooks. This is a book that should be on every shelf, and should be taught in every school. BUY HERE

Monsters of Anarchy: Post Collapse Security Considerations

Breaking: California Volcanic Eruption at Pisgah Crater

Soldier Confirms Training for FEMA Camps and Coming Radiation Events

Adam vs. The Man: Free Bullets, Not Free Speech

Why Australians (and Everyone Else) Should Oppose Carbon Taxes

Working in the US for .23 cents/hour making military equipment

Around 35 Arrested In CA Protesting a Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Man

Coming in 2012: Genetically Modified Front Lawns
NYC Testing New Traffic Surveillance and Management Technology
Small Arkansas Town Wants to Ban Free Speech
The Next Climate Debate Bombshell
Law Enforcement to Begin Using iPhone Iris Scans for Identification
Power From the Air: Device Captures Ambient Energy

*AFFILIATE — Tesla Energy

1 in 66 Americans is a Psycho
A Candid Conversation With Beelzebub T. McGlobalist (Parody)
U.S. Ready to License Gene Technology That Can Detect Toxins
Predictive Programming: Norway Attack Predicted in Captain America Movie?

Stevens County, Washington passes food freedom ordinance. A strongly worded ordinance was issued by Stevens County that perfectly sums up the innate freedoms that need to be protected. Food is in fact representative of all freedom, as it is continually used as a means of controlling populations. From the Stevens County Assembly (PDF HERE):

BE IT ORDAINED BY STEVENS COUNTY: That the people of the State of Washington, domiciled on Stevens county, have unalienable and fundamental rights and among those rights are the rights to choose the local foods they produce; process or prepare; sell, purchase, or distribute; preserve and store for extended periods of time; and consume, for food or drink, for people or other life forms.

Reject Internet Spying; Oppose the Data Retention Bill: From Electronic Frontier Foundation: The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering H.R. 1981, a bill that would order all of our online service providers to keep new logs about our online activities, logs to help the government identify the web sites we visit and the content we post online. This sweeping new "mandatory data retention" proposal treats every Internet user like a potential criminal and represents a clear and present danger to the online free speech and privacy rights of millions of innocent Americans. Tell your Representative to oppose this dangerous bill, before this week’s critical vote. CLICK HERE to Oppose this Bill

We want to help contribute to the mass awakening that is taking place. The mainstream media is part of a system that aims to keep people ignorant and unquestioning. It is essential that information continues to flow from the alternative media, so that opposing viewpoints can be heard. The global movement toward Internet censorship is troubling. We are optimistic, though, because history shows that all attempts to oppress free humanity are doomed to failure. However, we can no longer remain passive; the period of cold, creeping tyranny that legislates its way into power is over. When oppression reaches this "hot" stage, we need activists. The next period will be defined by how well we are able to overcome our conditioning and resist what we know in our hearts is the wrong course. You can become active through education, spreading the word, but, most importantly, practice what you preach. Tyranny is no match for freedom.

Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail!

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