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2850794.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Idaho Proposes Trapping and No-Quota Wolf Hunting

by: alicia G. comment_bubble.jpg 6 comments
2850744.medium.jpg from Trailblazers For Good
Only Two Degrees Separate You From Child Hunger

by: Kara M. comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2850681.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
Obama Queried on Faith-Based Hiring Discrimination

by: Amelia T. comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2850419.medium.jpg from Health Policy
Green Balloons Over Houston: It’s Time Parents Talk with Congress About Clean Air

by: Heather comment_bubble.jpg add a comment
2850715.medium.jpg from Politics
Beck Likens Norway Victims to "Hilter Youth"

by: Care2 Causes Editors comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850736.medium.jpg from Politics
Norway Mourns Its Dead; Closed Hearing For Gunman

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2850619.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
O’Reilly: Women Usually "Blasted" When Having Sex [VIDEO]

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 12 comments
2850724.medium.jpg from Politics
Daily Debt: Obama Calls For “Balanced Approach” and “Compromise”

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2850616.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Norway Killer Hated Women

by: Amelia T. comment_bubble.jpg 11 comments
2850335.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
Maryland Gov. Makes Gay Marriage a Priority (VIDEO)

by: Steve W. comment_bubble.jpg 7 comments
2850615.medium.jpg from Politics
Mother Who Lost Son in Hit-and-Run Faces 36 Months in Prison

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850632.medium.jpg from Politics
Daily Debt: A Double Dose of New Deals

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850525.medium.jpg from Politics
Is the Norway Shooter a "Christian Terrorist"?

by: Amelia T. comment_bubble.jpg 5 comments
2849960.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Training Jordan’s Next Scientists, One Girl at a Time (VIDEO)

by: Safa S. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850643.medium.jpg from Education
South Korea Schools Going Totally Digital

by: Judy M. comment_bubble.jpg 16 comments
2850664.medium.jpg from Education
Arkansas High School Wont Let African-American Student Be Valedictorian

by: Jessica P. comment_bubble.jpg 18 comments
2850620.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
Two Endangered Species Get A Second Chance

by: Sharon S. comment_bubble.jpg 13 comments
2850518.medium.jpg from Education
Headmaster Accused of Pinning Autistic Boy Against a Wall at School

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2850259.medium.jpg from Politics
For Rick Perry, State’s Rights Supersedes Homophobia in Gay Marriage Debate

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2850464.medium.jpg from Human Rights
Afghan Militants Hang 8-Year-Old Boy

by: Amelia T. comment_bubble.jpg 12 comments
2850572.medium.jpg from Politics
Bigger than the Tea Party

by: Cynthia S. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850546.medium.jpg from Education
Save Toronto’s Public Libraries

by: Judy M. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850513.medium.jpg from Politics
Jack Layton Temporarily Stepping Down To Battle Cancer

by: Shannon M. comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2850544.medium.jpg from Politics
Men Will Be Boys: The NFL Lockout Ends With Labor Agreement

by: Peaco T. comment_bubble.jpg add a comment
2850385.medium.jpg from Politics
Should Rupert Murdoch Step Down?

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 6 comments
2850372.medium.jpg from Politics
Wu Won’t Run In Reelection, Faces Ethics Probe

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg add a comment
2850328.medium.jpg from Education
Miami-Dade Schools Add LGBT Bullying Protections

by: Steve W. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850085.medium.jpg from Politics
Canada’s Rich Forget to Trickle Their Money Down

by: Cathryn Wellner comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850454.medium.jpg from Politics
Christie Sued by ACLU Over Correspondence With Fox News Chief Roger Ailes

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2850475.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Strauss-Kahn Accuser Speaks Out

by: Amelia T. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850412.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
ONEMoms Begin Kenya Reports

by: Cynthia S. comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2850425.medium.jpg from Politics
Syria Will Allow New Political Parties: Too Little, Too Late, Say Protesters

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2850431.medium.jpg from Politics
Countrywide Pays $108 Million to Settle Mortgage Fraud Claims

by: Jessica P. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2850411.medium.jpg from Politics
IMF Warns Of "Severe Shock" If Ceiling Is Not Raised In Time

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2850277.medium.jpg from Politics
Morning Mix: Bachmann Vs. Pawlenty – Gloves Off

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 7 comments
2850354.medium.jpg from Education
The Wisdom of Grandparents

by: Kristina C. comment_bubble.jpg 12 comments
2850273.medium.jpg from Politics
Daily Debt: Another Missed Deadline

by: Robin M. comment_bubble.jpg 10 comments
2850324.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
“Ordinary” Grandmothers First NY Gay Couple to Wed (VIDEO)

by: Steve W. comment_bubble.jpg 11 comments

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