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Newsletter 60: Sunday edition 08-07-2011

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Eric Blair
8 Reasons Raw Foodies Are Dangerous Extremists (Satire)

This week, the United States government, working closely with local authorities, heroically raided and arrested raw-food terror kingpin James Stewart in Venice, California. Stewart, who runs the private healthfood cartel, Rawesome Foods, "posed a major threat to the establishment," claimed an unnamed but armed, undercover double-agent involved in the arrest. (read more)

Madison Ruppert
More Americans Than Ever Are Aware of Congressional Malfeasance; Disapproval at All-Time High
A whopping 14% of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling themselves, while an incredible 82% of Americans realize that our so-called representatives are not doing their jobs properly. In a New York Times and CBS poll released today, it was revealed that the vast majority of Americans are now conscious of Congressional crimes and corruption. (read more)

Other Key Articles to Read and Distribute

Globalism, Propaganda, War

Meet a Propagandist: A Profile in Duplicity
Globalist Lies: Truth Behind Pakistan Unrest
The Stalling Syrian Gambit
Tony Cartalucci

Scottish Academic Encourages Selling Kidneys to Pay Off Student Loan Debt
Questions Raised by the SEAL Team 6 Deaths in Afghanistan
Madison Ruppert

End Game For Benghazi Rebels as Libyan Tribes Prepare to Weigh in?
Dr. Franklin Lamb

Domestic Politics, Economy, Police State, Internet Control

Public Guardian to Expand Powers to Seize Assets
Janet Phelan

As Promised S&P Downgrades United States AAA Credit Rating
Madison Ruppert

Health, Survival, Environment

10 Tips For The Beginning Prepper
Gaye Levy

Argument and Rescue: 5 Survival Fundamentals
The Berkey Guy

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Weekly Series: The Creature From Jekyll Island

Part 8: Fool’s Gold

We believe that the information contained in G. Edward Griffin’s seminal book is essential in understanding how our financial world has been imploded by a banking elite that seeks to consolidate control into even fewer hands and end the prospect of self-directed economic freedom. Please read these weekly chapter summaries and share with everyone you know — especially your children. This book is an incredibly interesting detective story about the history of money that successfully overcomes the hurdle of dry economics and history textbooks. This is a book that should be on every shelf, and should be taught in every school. BUY HERE

Audi 2010 Green Car Super Bowl Commercial – Must Watch Fascist Programming

Jeremy Scahill: Bush administration authorized ‘sick torture tactics’

The Great Hypocrisy Of Debt, Politics, War And Man

Do You Know Where Your Police Are?

On the Scene Report at Rawesome Food Raid

Fault Lines: The Top 1%

U.S. Economic Collapse Assured; Austerity Inevitable

Dragonfly Drones and Cyborg Moths
UK Police Tells Public to Report Anti-Government Beliefs as Terrorism
Apple’s Chinese Manufacturer to Rely on 1M Robots to Build iPhones
More Than Half of Americans Drink Alcohol
CIA’s Alleged Human Guinea Pigs Can’t Sue
The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s

*AFFILIATE — Tesla Free Energy

Opponents of Debt Hike to be Barred From "Super Congress"
11 Occult Secrets Out in the Open
6 Creepy New Weapons Police and Military Use to Subdue Unarmed People
Fukushima Radiation So High, Geiger Counter Can’t Register It!

Linking is not copyright infringement. Amid the wave of increasing Internet control is the seemingly ludicrous assertion that merely linking to potentially copyright infringing material is itself copyright infringement. DHS has already seized websites based on this loose interpretation. However, common sense seems to have prevailed in Spain at least, which sets an important precedent in Europe. The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports: "Although this ruling is not directly binding outside Spain it is important because it comes from the influential Barcelona Court of Appeals and clarifies the previous inconsistent Spanish rulings. Given the fundamental importance of linking to the World Wide Web, we are heartened to see that the Barcelona Appeals Court and the court of first instance understand Internet architecture and the important policy issues this case raises. We hope other European courts will take a similarly thoughtful approach to these issues going forward."

Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk: From Natural News: "In conjunction with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the creators of the Farmageddon movie (, Natural News is spearheading an online social media revolt against the FDA’s insidious assaults on raw milk and raw dairy farms. The FDA, in particular, is now waging all-out war against farmers and raw dairy producers, spending millions of dollars on secret investigations, armed raids and the prosecution of "criminals" (raw dairy farmers). Please join in the online social media outrage against the government terrorists who are destroying our food, destroying our freedoms and declaring war on farmers and food sellers! Tweet the following hash mark terms: #rawesome and #farmageddon as you link to the stories, interviews, videos and other elements of this campaign."

We want to help contribute to the mass awakening that is taking place. The mainstream media is part of a system that aims to keep people ignorant and unquestioning. It is essential that information continues to flow from the alternative media, so that opposing viewpoints can be heard. The global movement toward Internet censorship is troubling. We are optimistic, though, because history shows that all attempts to oppress free humanity are doomed to failure. However, we can no longer remain passive; the period of cold, creeping tyranny that legislates its way into power is over. When oppression reaches this "hot" stage, we need activists. The next period will be defined by how well we are able to overcome our conditioning and resist what we know in our hearts is the wrong course. You can become active through education, spreading the word, but, most importantly, practice what you preach. Tyranny is no match for freedom.

Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail!

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