BlackDogRide wheels for wellness ;o) August Update 2 #mentalhealth #depression

Black Dog Ride Newsletter

The Ride Begins


Hi Tony

This Sunday I begin my third national Black Dog Ride. With hundreds of motorbike riders from around the country we are heading for Glen Helen Resort in the Red Centre of Australia .

It all began 3 years ago following the tragic, shock death by suicide of my best mate’s wife. Some years earlier I had found my Mum dead, she had also taken her own life. What causes someone to end their life so abruptly, leaving loved ones and friends devastated, confused, hurt and often carrying guilt?

Depression! It’s an illness reaching almost epidemic levels in our community. It’s not a sexy subject and it’s not something we like to talk about because it’s still surrounded by a perception of stigma.

Our Black Dog Ride sets out at grass roots level to raise people’s awareness of the illness and to help break down the barrier of stigma which still prevents over 50 % of sufferers from seeking help.

The other vital part of our Ride is fundraising for the Black Dog Institute . The money we raise goes directly to helping the national roll out of their Community Education Programs. During this year’s Ride we will be conducting 12 BDI Presentations and another 30 Community events all around the country.

By making a donation now you will be making a difference and hopefully help save the life of some you know or love.

Thank you….Steve

Help spread the word
Black Dog Ride P.O. Box 524 Claremont 6910

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