Media release: No Harvey No! Forest activists target Harvey Norman Bunbury

No Harvey No! Forest activists target Harvey Norman Bunbury – Hitting the West Coast
The Last Stand

Saturday 3rd September 2011
No Harvey No! Forest activists target Harvey Norman Bunbury

This morning, two activists occupied the roof of a Harvey Norman store in Bunbury (South West Australia) with a banner stating "No Harvey No! Stop selling forest destruction". They are intent on staying up there as long as possible and they are being supported by an instore ‘forest inspection team’ who are placing warnings on furniture sourced from native forests, and distributing information to members of the public.

‘We are here today to send a strong message to Harvey Norman. Australia’s stunning native forests are being destroyed by industrial logging operations. They need to immediately stop selling native forest products, and sustainable alternatives need to be put in place‘ said Nicola Paris, spokesperson for The Last Stand.

Harvey Norman has been the focus of numerous campaign activities by different groups across the country. Last week activists from the Last Stand ‘broke the chain of forest destruction’; by shutting down operations at facilities in Victoria and NSW, and at a Harvey Norman store in Central Sydney. A video of that action is available here. Actions have taken place in Melbourne, Nowra, Newcastle and across Tasmania. A viral video parodying a Harvey Norman ad has received 110,000+ hits on YouTube.

‘Right on our door step, the spectacular forests of the South West are being destroyed. We are calling on Harvey Norman to demonstrate real environmental leadership. There are alternatives such as plantation and recycled timbers’ said Ms Paris.

Today’s peaceful actions have taken place to broadcast critical concerns with Harvey Norman’s role in the logging of Australia’s native forests, highlighted by evidence recently released by Markets for Change.1

‘Chain of custody research has clearly shown that Harvey Norman are playing a key role in destroying our native forests. Our forests are felled, shipped to China to be made into furniture, and shipped back again, ending up in Harvey Norman stores across the country’ said Ms Paris.

‘With actions happening from coast to coast across Australia we are making it clear to Harvey Norman that selling forest destruction is absolutely no way to do business in the 21st century. We are standing together to say "No Harvey No!" Stop profiting from forest destruction’ concluded Ms Paris.

For comment, contact:

Nicola Paris 0422 990 040

High resolution images and vision available.

1 Markets for Change (2011). No Harvey No: How Australia’s largest furniture and electronics retailer is fuelling the destruction of our native forests.July 2011.

The Last Stand Inc.


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