Official murder of an innocent man – Fwd: An innocent man scheduled to die in Georgia USA
Update on Troy Davis: 9 days to stop Georgia from killing an innocent man. Sign his sister’s petition.

Sign the Petition

Dear tony,

Update on Troy Davis: Troy is scheduled to be executed in nine days, unless you take action to save him.

Seven witnesses swear that Troy Davis is innocent, and that another man committed the crime for which Troy has spent the last 20 years on Georgia’s Death Row. According to Amnesty International, some of the witnesses say they knew Troy was innocent, but police coerced them to say Troy was guilty.

Kim Davis is Troy’s sister, and she’s using to try to save her brother’s life.Kim started a petition asking the Georgia Board of Parole and Pardons to halt Troy’s execution. More than 160,000 have signed. Will you add your name to Kim’s petition now?

Five members of the Georgia Parole Board will decide next Monday whether Troy should be executed. But in that short time, your signature can make a difference. Our organizers are sending daily updates to news media in Georgia and across the country with the rapidly growing petition totals. And on Thursday, Kim will personally deliver every last one to the Parole Board.

Can you help Kim Davis bring 200,000 signatures to the Parole Board this Thursday? Every signature on her petition can help save Troy’s life.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Michael and the team


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