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The Courage of Personal Transformation

Dylan Hunt
Yoga is Revolution
As the world situation degrades further into oppression, war and wanton environmental destruction, we need as many tools as possible to protect our physical and spiritual health and well-being. Rather than being in poor shape, in a lousy mood and frightened by every uncertainty, one can use the time we have now to strengthen and purify the body, balance the emotions, and sharpen the mind for more effective decision making. (read more)

Julian Rose
Gold is a Good Investment in a Corrupt Matrix, But Self-Sufficiency is Real Wealth In a world undergoing seismic social, economic, and environmental convulsions that are growing by the day, gold may not prove to be the solution to our future security that many are hoping for. (read more)

Other Key Articles to Read and Distribute

Global Politics, War, Surveillance

Perpetual war: new secret American drone bases to bomb Somalia and Yemen
Madison Ruppert

The Mad MUSIC of Machine Warfare
Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in the Worldwide Energy Web
Activist Post

EU Bonds Rollover Debt With a Chinese Bailout

Irish Public Outrage Over Illegal U.S. Renditions Through Shannon Airport
Ruaidhrí O’ Conghaile

Domestic Politics, Economy, Police State

The Global Bankers’ FDR: Post WWI (part 3 of 5)
The Global Bankers’ FDR: Cats and Mice (part 4 of 5)
The Global Bankers’ FDR: Conferences (part 5 of 5)
Toomas Trei

“Banks Got Bailed Out; We Got Sold Out” Protests Build on Wall Street (updates)
Activist Post

9/11 Came From Above, Not From Below
Rand Clifford

Whistleblowers reveal relationship between U.S. officials and drug cartels
Madison Ruppert

Health, Survival, Environment

Prescription Drug Deaths Now Outnumber Traffic Fatalities in U.S.
California Bans Unvaccinated Children From Class
Natural Cancer-Fighting Spice Reduces Tumors by 81%
Even BPA-free Plastics Leach Harmful Chemicals
Anthony Gucciardi

TATTLER Reusable Canning Lids
Denver’s Self-Reliance Expo
The Berkey Guy

Getting Prepared: Home Hazard Scavenger Hunt
Gaye Levy

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“Banks Got Bailed Out; We Got Sold Out” — Wall St. Protest Update

Wall Street Sips Champagne While Watching Protestors

Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in The Worldwide Energy Web

Keiser Report – Interview with Bill Still of “The Money Masters”

The Week in Alternative News #10

NFL Pat Downs: Who Wants Them? Warning: Brainwashed Participants

David Icke – The Lion Sleeps No More

Market Havoc and Threats to Your Pension
Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
Homeland Security Marketing on Coffee Cups With All-Seeing Eye
Occupy Wall Street Protests, Police Brutality, and Arrests
Google Chief Under Fire for Rigging Search Engine Results
Military Cuts Could Revive Draft, Says Lawmaker

*Highly Recommended AFFILIATE — Stay Anonymous


Federal vaccine autism payments made to 83 families. The government continues to officially deny the link between vaccines and autism, despite voluminous studies showing the connection. Nonetheless, they have taken steps to compensate the victims of vaccines. From Natural News: “The USA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a crafty federal program to relieve the vaccine industry from liability for extreme vaccine injuries. Most claims have been rejected. But enough claims have been awarded to indicate the government’s secret awareness of the link between a vaccine and autism while publicly denying it . . . Additionally, the feds are protecting the “no link of vaccines to autism” viewpoint held by all alphabet soup health agencies, vaccine industry heads, and pediatricians. But a recent study has revealed that 83 families with autistic children have been ‘quietly’ awarded for vaccine damage over the past two decades by the VICP. NVIC awards are annual annuities to cover the child’s health expenses. So the possibility of losing the annuity by speaking out is real. An NVIC award is effectively hush money. Quietly awarded means you win but don’t tell. According to one parent who was awarded but has told, Sarah Bridges, PhD, proper semantics helped win her case. She didn’t use the word autism, though autism destroyed her child. However, the recently published study by Pace Environmental Law Review reported that most of the 83 cases awarded did mention autistic behavior and even autism. One such case was awarded after an intelligent and healthy girl went totally autistic after receiving nine vaccinations in one day!” This indicates that the vaccine infowar is being won. Naturally, the establishment is going to do all it can to re-direct the discussion, but the genie is out of the bottle. Please keep up the pressure and participate in Vaccine Information Week beginning October 1st.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. OK, perhaps it takes a little more than simply making the decision not to worry. We typically provide action items that are focused on specific issues, personal stories of abuse, or legislation that threatens our freedom. The theme of this edition of our Wednesday newsletter is personal transformation. It is sometimes difficult to stay in a happy frame of mind when one has dedicated themselves to learning about the world and the corrupt nature of its leadership, as well as the horrible effects of war and violence that we witness on a daily basis. Nevertheless, we came across an article that makes the bold assertion that there are 12 Things Happy People Do Differently. The key word here is DO

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