Australia – APO Weekly Briefing – 22 September 2011

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Delivering policy under pressure workshop banner

Archiving the Iconic: A Symposium Exploring Community Memory, Meaning and Pluralisation

Join the Australian Society of Archivists for our first National Symposium, Thursday 20 October 2011, at the Crystal Palace, Luna Park, Sydney.

12 distinguished speakers, with expertise in history and heritage study and practice, curatorship, digital archiving, new media theory, Indigenous knowledge, broadcasting and journalism, manuscripts curatorship and popular culture, will come together to explore working with idiosyncratic source material and capturing personal and collective memory. or join our network m

New commentary

Research review: Self-directed learning

16 September, 2011 | Technology enhanced learning has failed but there is still a role for technology to create personal learning spaces writes Gerry White in this research review on DERN.

News Corp and the hackers: a scandal in two parts

21 September, 2011 | In Inside Story, Rodney Tiffen looks at what the phone-hacking scandal has revealed so far about media, politics and the police – and what’s likely to happen next

Koalas, people and climate change: not a good mix

22 September, 2011 | Proactive koala conservation is necessary, writes Christine Adams-Hosking at The Conversation.

Amid the panic, a sense of purpose

21 September, 2011 | Sixty years ago, H.V. Evatt successfully resisted strong public support for draconian anti-communist legislation, writes Frank Bongiorno in Inside Story. Is there a lesson for Labor in 2011?

Why we need social science

16 September, 2011 | The social sciences produce a kind of knowledge that has become vital, writes Raewyn Connell in this edited extract from her new book, Confronting Equality.

New research

Creative & Digital

Creative partnerships: intersections between the arts, culture and other sectors

Annamari Laaksonen | The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)
18 September, 2011 | This discussion paper represents one of the first attempts to research and analyse creative intersections, their forms and structures and the policies that influence them.

Mind the gap: refugees and communications technology literacy

Linda Leung | Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
21 September, 2011 | This report explores the experiences of refugees as communications consumers in Australia, and describes a trial education program aimed at developing higher level communications literacies during the settlement process.

Families matter: Designing media for a digital age

Cooney Center
21 September, 2011 | Families Matter focuses on two complementary studies that document how families with young children are integrating digital media into the rhythm of daily life.

Cultural policies in Australia

John Gardiner-Garden, Margaret Seares | Australia Council for the Arts
19 September, 2011 | As with any country, Australian cultural policy needs to be viewed in the context of the nation’s history, its people, and its constitutional structure.


Workforce participation and workplace flexibility, Victoria, Dec 2010

Australian Bureau of Statistics
16 September, 2011 | This survey from the ABS collected information from Victorian households about labour force participation, barriers to employment, work preferences, and the use of flexible work arrangements.

Working life and mental illness

SANE Australia
19 September, 2011 | This research bulletin asks about the experience of work by Australians living with mental illness, and what would help them to maintain successful employment.

Australian residential solar feed-in tariffs: industry stimulus or regressive form of taxation?

Simon Kelley, Paul Simshauser, Tim Nelson | Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 41 No. 2
19 September, 2011 | Little attention has been paid to date to the welfare impacts of Feed-in Tariffs on retail electricity prices and social policy objectives.

Just get over it: the cost of living in Australia

Tim Soutphommasane | Per Capita
16 September, 2011 | This paper investigates the cost of living in Australia, an issue that has dominated recent political debate. It evaluates whether cost of living complaints are justified in light of economic reality and household consumption patterns.


Toward a personal learning environment framework

Mohamed Amine Chatti | International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments
16 September, 2011 | Over the past decade, it has been argued that technology-enhanced learning (TEL) could respond to the needs of the new knowledge society and transform learning.

Copyright and open access for academic works

Richard Watt, Frank Müller-Langer | Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues
20 September, 2011 | Exploring some of the arguments concerning the removal of copyright from academic works, this paper examines the way in which journal revenue would be altered, and the feasible effects upon the quality of journal content.

Heading for the open road: costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications

Research Information Network
20 September, 2011 | The aim of the study has been to provide evidence that will help the different constituencies involved in scholarly communication to understand better the dynamics of the transitions needed to improve access to research papers.

Environment & Planning

Preparing health services for climate change in Australia

Grant A. Blashki | Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health
22 September, 2011 | Although the implications of climate change for public health continue to be elucidated, we still require much work to guide the development of a comprehensive strategy to underpin the adaptation of the health system.

What matters most? Housing preferences across the Australian population

Jane-Frances Kelly | Grattan Institute
22 September, 2011 |

As an extension to Grattan’s report The Housing We’d Choose, this working paper examines in depth the responses of over 700 city residents who were asked about their housing and location priorities.

Age-specific housing markets and housing and care for low to moderate income older persons

Catherine Bridge | Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
20 September, 2011 | The key research aim addressed in this report is to assess Australia’s current age-specific housing market and its potential growth among low to moderate income older people, in order to develop effective policy strategies for the provision of age-specific housing for this disadvantaged group.

The neighbourhood challenge

21 September, 2011 | This UK report looks at how communities can lead meaningful change in their neighbourhoods? What approaches to stimulating and supporting community-led action work best in different areas? How can government and funders catalyse locally-led innovation in a way that achieves impact at any kind of scale?


Diabetes in Australia: A snapshot, 2007-08

Australian Bureau of Statistics
19 September, 2011 | The Australian Bureau of Statistics have published their 2007-2008 study of diabetes and how it is affecting Australians.

Nano-silver: policy failure puts public health at risk

Georgia Miller, Gregory Crocetti | Friends of the Earth
19 September, 2011 | The numbers of deaths caused by bacterial resistance to antimicrobials and antibiotics in hospitals continues to rise. Hospital-associated infections kill more than 7,000 people in Australia annually.

Australia’s public sector medical indemnity claims 2008–09

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
19 September, 2011 | This report presents data on the number, nature and costs of public sector medical indemnity claims for the period 2004-05 to 2008-09, with a focus on 2008-09 claims.

National drowning report 2011

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia
22 September, 2011 | 315 people drowned in Australian waterways between 1st July 2010 and 30th June 2011. Drowning deaths across Australia have increased for the third year in a row and have jumped 11% on the 5 year average.


Australian government expenditure by state and territory: 2010 Indigenous expenditure report supplement

Productivity Commission
19 September, 2011 | This supplement presents estimates of Australian Government expenditure on services that relate to Indigenous Australians on a state and territory geographical basis.

A better way: building healthy, safe and sustainable communities in the Northern Territory through a community development approach

Rajiv Viswanathan, Emma Franklin, Jacqueline Phillips | Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR)
21 September, 2011 | Informed by the failures of the existing policy settings, the paper argues for an alternative framework (‘A Better Way’) to create safe, healthy and sustainable communities through a community development approach.

What works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage: key learnings and gaps in the evidence

Daryl Higgins, Fadwa Al-Waman | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
22 September, 2011 | This paper provides policy makers with key findings about what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage and assesses the gaps in the evidence.


National security note 3: The debate over US grand strategy

Carl Ungerer | Australian Strategic Policy Institute
19 September, 2011 | Carl Ungerer outlines the debate over US grand strategy occurring in Washington, where a common theme is that American grand strategy will increasingly need to rely on allies to share the burden of international security.

Dreams and nightmares: Australia’s past, present and future in Asia

Tom Conley | Institut Français des Relations Internationales
16 September, 2011 | Future successful Australian foreign policy in Asia will require continuing pragmatism and heightened resistance to the immediate temptations of either dreamy or nightmarish scenarios.

Iraq: what happens next?

Lydia Khalil | Australian Strategic Policy Institute
19 September, 2011 | In the wake of coordinated and deadly al-Qaeda in Iraq attacks in and around Baghdad, Lydia Khalil considers the role Australia can play to assist Iraq as it deals with an uptick in violent attacks and unresolved sectarian tensions.

Millennium Development Goal 8 – The global partnership for Development: Time to deliver – MDG gap task force report 2011

United Nations
19 September, 2011 | This report notes that due to economic difficulties since the 2008 financial meltdown, many developing countries need to channel an additional 1.5 per cent of gross domestic product to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.


Online child sexual abuse content: The development of a comprehensive, transferable international internet notice and takedown system

Weixiao Wei | Internet Watch Foundation
19 September, 2011 | This report establishes the value of an international ‘notice and takedown’ system, through the examination of the legislative and regulatory approaches in eight countries.

Personal stress, financial stress and violence against women

Don Weatherburn | NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
22 September, 2011 | This study explores the association between financial stress, personal stress, social support and violence against women.

Misuse of the non-profit sector for money laundering and terrorism financing

Samantha Bricknell | Australian Institute of Criminology
18 September, 2011 | Exploring how terrorist groups take advantage of non-profit organisations this paper discusses the evidence available for the misuse of funds.


Hands, mouths and minds: Three perspectives on population growth and living standards

Stephen Kirchner | Centre for Independent Studies
19 September, 2011 | This paper explores the questions behind and arguments for and against of Australian population growth.

Government advertising (accountability) bill 2011

Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration
22 September, 2011 | This report examines the Government Advertising (Accountability) Bill 2011, introduced by Senator Xenaphon

Social Policy

Selection, migration and integration: why multiculturalism works in Australia (and fails in Europe)

Oliver Marc Hartwich | Centre for Independent Studies
15 September, 2011 | The future of Australian migration depends on not repeating the policy of Europe and its welfare model.

Levels and trends in child mortality report 2011

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
16 September, 2011 | Since 1990 the world’s under-five mortality rate has dropped 35 percent, however, with only four years remaining to achieve Millennium Development Goal 4, the target is at risk of being missed by 2015.

Profile of children and young people in Western Australia

Commissioner of Children and Young People
16 September, 2011 | Providing information from a range of socio-demographic factors and statistical information, this report describes the population of all children and young people in WA including recent population developments and projected growth.

New audio

Don’t trust the web

19 September, 2011 | The internet is awash with misinformation, manipulated identities, fake reviews, and dishonest comments. Politicians use astroturfing. So do businesses and marketing firms. Beware—it’s infecting everyone.

Quantum communications and security

19 September, 2011 | New research into quantum communications at the University of New South Wales could provide an ultra secure way of sending information between particular locations.

Hack in Alice Springs: Bridging the internet divide

21 September, 2011 | Remember a time before the internet? Some of you might… But in Papunya, a remote Aboriginal community in the central Australian desert, people are just getting connected.

Delusions of development: pro-market forces at work in the do-good industry

22 September, 2011 | Dr. Toby Carroll discusses the evolution of development programs by institutions such as the World Bank and its subsidiary the International Finance Corporation, and scrutinises the outcomes of recent strategies involving public-private partnerships and explicitly pro-market approaches. With host Elizabeth Lopez.

New video

Power without responsibility

19 September, 2011 | Renowned essayist and public intellectual Robert Manne discusses his new Quarterly Essay 43 on the Australian newspaper with Eric Beecher (Crikey).

Paul Cleary on Australia’s mining boom

22 September, 2011 | In this Lunchbox/Soapbox, journalist Paul Cleary expands on his polemic on the insidious effects of Australia’s mining boom. He takes on our dependence on digging stuff out of the ground and sending it overseas, labelling it “generational theft”.

New jobs

Executive Officer

Shelter WA 22 September, 2011 | The Executive Officer will assume overall responsibility for planning, operation and performance of Shelter WA.

New events

Working for Success

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre
ORGANISED BY: Youth Development Australia, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

21 September, 2011 | ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ (Henry Ford). What do real employment outcomes look like for young people who are refugees and new arrivals?

Strategic Communication Roadmap – A Best Practice Toolkit


VENUE: Rydges World Square,
ORGANISED BY: Ark Group Australia

26 September, 2011 | Hands-on experience and A5 resource kit in using Strategic Communication

Cloud assessment: A toolkit for avoiding risks, security, cost and governance pitfalls


VENUE: Rydges World Square, Sydney
ORGANISED BY: Ark Group Australia

30 September, 2011 | If you’re not considering Cloud computing for your organisation now, you will almost certainly be doing so at some point in the future, and knowing how to assess the relevant factors is crucial to achieving your intended benefits with certainty.

The Future for School Choice in Australia


VENUE: The Centre for Independent Studies
ORGANISED BY: The Centre for Independent Studies

04 October, 2011 | The review of funding for schooling is due to report its findings and recommendations in November, and all school sectors are twitchy about the outcomes.

Brotherhood of St Laurence lunchtime seminar – Early childhood development and equity: where to from here?

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: 67 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Fr Tucker’s room
ORGANISED BY: Dr Sharon Goldfeld, Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne, and National Director, Australian Early Development Index

06 October, 2011 | In Australia policy attention has shifted to the early years in recognition of the substantial evidence pointing to the human capital benefit of investing when children are very young.

Excellence in Research for Australia


VENUE: QUT, Brisbane

07 October, 2011 | The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn more from colleagues about the process of preparing for ERA 2012, about lessons learnt from ERA 2010, and to discuss the ERA futures for the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Sir Zelman Cowen Oration Dinner – Mr Dennis Richardson, AO, Secretary of DFAT.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: The Australia Club, 110 William St, Melbourne.

12 October, 2011 | Australia, as a middle power in global terms yet a significant player in the Pacific, has a difficult and sensitive task in ensuring that our limited resources are deployed in ways that optimise our national interests.

Online Business Intelligence for the Consumer Market


VENUE: Rydges World Square, Sydney
ORGANISED BY: Ark Group Australia

18 October, 2011 | Come to this event and learn how your organisation can get ahead of the competition when it comes to really utilising the Internet and online world for advantageous marketing and intelligence strategies.

Just a knowledge worker? Academics, universities and industrial relations

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, The University of Melbourne

18 October, 2011 | The 26th Annual Foenander lecture will be presented by Professor Margaret Gardner AO, RMIT.

Managing Business Processes and Change

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: Rydges, Melbourne
ORGANISED BY: Ark Group Australia

25 October, 2011 | Featuring an exclusive post-forum workshop: Delivering business process improvement and internal capabilities, facilitated by : Stephen Grech, Lean Director, Doing Business Better.

National Conference on Australian Prison Issues

LOCATION: Melbourne, Vic

VENUE: Cliftons Melbourne Level 1, 440 Collins Street
ORGANISED BY: Australian Prison Foundation

25 October, 2011 | The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Working Together’.

Revolutionising Libraries


VENUE: Rydges World Square, Sydney
ORGANISED BY: Ark Group Australia

31 October, 2011 | Using practiced and emerging new media to maximise your information centre, Revolutionising Libraries is a one-day interactive study group.

Queensland Infrastructure


VENUE: Park Regis North Quay
ORGANISED BY: Tonkin’s Queensland Infrastructure

28 November, 2011 | With increases of population in Queensland come burdens on infrastructure, especially with the devastating effects of the 2011 floods. Infrastructure issues have never been more timely.

New notices

Spring 2011 issue of Quarterly Access released

21 September, 2011 | The Spring 2011 issue examines Russia’s use of its natural gas resources as a strategic tool, China’s ambitions, Europe’s far-right, the Arab Spring, microfinance, global poverty and more. Read QA online:


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