Reclaim the Night Fri Oct 28 2011 media release

Media Release 24/10/2011

Anti-rape protesters Reclaim the Night over

CHOGM this Friday, Oct 28

Reclaim the Night is an annual global women’s march against sexual violence against women which takes place on the last Friday of October. This year’s Reclaim the Night event coincides with the first day of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Despite the clash, Reclaim the Night will go ahead.

Participants will call not only for a major reprioritisation in government spending, but will also criticise the supposedly beneficial credentials of the Commonwealth and its official meetings.

Women will gather at 5pm on October 28 for bands and speakers at the Northbridge Cultural Centre precinct.

The protest will lead off in a march south along William St, through the malls to Forrest Place. Supportive men are encouraged to line the march route at 6pm.

The key demands for this year’s event:

· End rape and sexual harassment of women

· No to CHOGM: cease funding war and exploitation

· Major increase to funding of women’s refuges and rape crisis services

Contact Kat Pinder on 0403927790 for more information.

“An obscene amount of money is being spent on CHOGM, but programs proven to be effective at reducing violence against women continue to be cut”, explained one of the protest organisers, Virginia Brown.

“The decisions made at these kinds of meetings never have any more than token benefits for women. No matter how much CHOGM is advertised as promoting women in leadership, the reality is a few women in leadership positions don’t change the reality of women’s lives – and women like Prime Minister Gillard are not prepared to support the significant change in our political system that is necessary to eradicate misogynist violence and other measures of women’s oppression.

In Australia, 93% of perpetrators of sexual assault aremale (National Crime and Safety Survey, 2002). More than four out of five victims of sexual assault are women and girls.

“Women still comprise 62% of clients accessing government-funded homelessness services, with domestic violence being a particularly strong reason for this.

“Federal funding cuts in this year’s budgetto anti-misogynist violence services have meant the reduction in operating hours and services of the Women’s Legal Service (Qld) as of this month, and the slashing by 12.1 million over 5 years of funding for anti-domestic violence services in regional, remote and rural communities.

“The foreign policies of leading Commonwealth countries like Australia and the UK are no better in terms of trampling over women’s rights. The ‘family code’ of the current Afghanistan regime, propped up by the occupying countries including Australia, sanctions spousal rape and child marriage.

“Refusing to allow this CHOGM circus to gloss over these stark realities is a key aim for Reclaim the Night this year,” concluded Virginia Brown.

Media Release 24/10/2011

Contact Kat Pinder on 0403927790 for more information.

Reclaim the Night Fri Oct 28 2011 media release.doc

3 thoughts on “Reclaim the Night Fri Oct 28 2011 media release”

  1. Hi – thanks for posting our media release, it is appreciated, but would like some justification from “Matthew” as to what precisely he is claiming is unreliable, and why.

    We got our stats from the extremely hard work done by numerous rape crisis services and government researchers.

    In our more detailed publicity, we also referred to women’s reluctance to report rape due to the very low likelihood of charges resulting, and the increasing tendency to scapegoat the victim:

    I also have to say that that kind of cold and purporting-at-rationality (although not quite achieving it) response is unfortunately typical of responses to very important discussions about misogynist violence and sexual assault. If you really care about the issue, hopefully you’ll attempt to contact us with what you believe are more “reliable” claims so we can improve our publicity.

    We went to the trouble of researching all our claims, and hopefully you will too.

  2. This is hardly reliable, as it is arguable so many more people would not report sexual assault than would. (this is coming from a male victim of sexual assault.)

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