Interview with New Libya PM Abdurrahim El-Keib by @ArmchairArab

Interview with New Libya PM Abdurrahim El-Keib by @ArmchairArab

by lissnup

8:40pm GMT: New Libyan PM about to speak in interview on Libya Al Ahraar TV channel (you can watch it at

New Libyan PM in Live interview praising the martyrs of #Feb17

Question: How do you see Libya today?

I see a country with men/women who have the capability to build a modern, civil state

Question: What’s the most important challenge that you feel we need to deal with now?

I shared a few ideas with my colleagues in NTC yesterday

I wish to see a united libya, moving towards a future together, with equality in the law

This gov is tasked with bringing to bear the desires that motivated the #Feb17th revolution

We need to focus in the injured and damaged buildings/cities

We need to focus on security and providing basic goods

We need to re-start the economy

We need to get the school system moving

We need to consider the rule of law

I see a clear challenge, which is bringing back normality to libya, especially to those injured in #Feb17

National dialogue and reconciliation very important

The oil sector and science research

Healthcare also a key priority

Corruption and transparency key challenges

We know the people want a transparent state

We are studying the transitional plan

Our foreign policy also offers some challenges

We need to find optimal balance between relationship of interim gov and legislative body

These are our challenges, we have no magical solutions, but we feel we are up to the challenges

Question: Have you decided on any of the ministerial posts?

We have done some work in the NTC to study suitable candidates for the interim gov

We’re likely to have 22 ministers in the interim gov

We will have have many ministries working on all the challenges in unison

As for specific names of ministers, libya has many skilled men/women who can participate

Question: What’s will the nature of the gov be? Compromise? Technocrats?

This is a short transitional period, 8 months, we actually wish to complete our task even quicker if possible

We want to make sure we complete our phase with right foundations for future gov

However my personal feeling is this gov should be a gov of technocrats

By that I mean we want gov to be free of loyalties to particular parties, ideologies, we want it to serve libya first

Some of the criteria we laid out for ministers in the new Libyan interim gov are:

2nd they need to be suitably qualified, with experience and ability to create a team and achieve results

3rd we want people with a clear conscience and no past history of corruption/crime

I would like to ask anyone that comes forward for a ministerial role to prove to us they have no history of corruption

4th we don’t want anyone who was a figure in the gaddafi regime or have blood on their hands

And of course, we don’t want anyone with a history of corruption.

we will consider geography (region in Libya) as well as youth and women, we want women to have key role

Question: How will you include the youth in the next gov?

I requested members of local NTC offices to put forward candidates for the interim gov

We have every confidence women can participate effectively in the gov

Question: Again, I want to ask you about youth, they weren’t well represented previously

I assure everyone, we will not exclude any group or party in Libya from participation in the interim gov

The youth are foundation of our #Feb17 revolution, any suitable youth with required skills can be involved

Question: Do you have any specific plans for dealing with the challenges?

We do yes, but I don’t really want to get into details on this just yet, we need to discuss this internally first.

In a future interview I hope to give you more details of our specific plans to deal with issues

Question: challenge of media is an important and difficult one, NTC’s PR efforts weren’t optimal, will this improve?

we had some tough conditions in the previous stage, we were in a state of revolution, there was some confusion

There weren’t really properly laid out plans for pr

Our plan going forward is to create a gov TV/Radio channel and paper to represent the state

Also each local gov office should have a radio/tv station paper to help communicate with the people

Question: I’m concerned about the other organisations/institutions that are required

Question: Will the same conditions apply to people running these type of organsations/institutions?

sorry guys, lost connection there for a few minutes, missed the answer

Question, 3 topics – 1) care for martyrs family 2) injured 3) security

for the injured and the families of the martyrs, we have already announced a ministry for this

We have had some success but we need to do a lot more for our injured and families of the martyrs of #Feb17

Question: What about weapons proliferation?

First let me speak about about our freedom fighters, they were the ones that freed Libya

We will never forget the efforts of our freedom fighters and they want a secure, peaceful, advanced, respected Libya

If we agree on this point, I’m sure we can find a solution, we need to approach issue of weapons thoughtfully

Many freedom fighters want to be sure that if they hand in their weapons they want the state to continue on right path

We can address weapons proliferation issue with friendly discussions and negotiations

We will also be launching programs to bring freedom fighters into various state security apparatus/organisations

Many freedom fighters also have other skills backgrounds, we need to help and support them to return to their lives

Question: How should the libyan citizen behave/think in this stage?

Libya will be built by the efforts of its citizens.

Many skilled Libyans were previously not allowed to participate in building their country

We need to empower Libyan citizens to play their role in rebuilding/building libya

What do you see Libya’s economic/political characteristics being?

We would like to create a free economy, neither extreme right or leftwing in our economic policy

Question: How do you see the nature of the Libyan state? Central? Confederation? etc

The constitution will determine the nature of the Libyan state, I can’t dictate this to the Libyan people

Question: What do you see as the reasonable limit of criticism for the interim gov?

We have no limits, but we want criticism to be constructive, we need to find solutions, not just focus on firefighting

I’m personally not too bothered about criticism. If it’s constructive criticism we should listen to voice of the people.

Question: What’s the forum/mechanism for self-criticism/performance assessment of the new gov?

We shall be accountable to our programs/responsibilities, as long as we have the resources to deliver

our projects/plans/objectives will be transparent as they will have a publicized goal and time limit

New Libyan PM LIVE Question: How will you hear the voice of the people? Also tell me about transparency.

We need to go and meet with local authorities and visit universities, schools to hear people’s voices.

We are looking at technology as well, we plan to have an internet presence to publish our activity and plans

We’ll also open a channel of communication online for people to feedback to us

We are going to make serious plans and promise professional administration.

New Libyan PM LIVE praises the Libyan people and fighters.

The Libyan people need to be afforded the chance for a good education, health, a good life and success

We will use all our efforts in this short transitional phase to achieve as much as we can to put Libya on right path

New Libyan PM LIVE Question: What’s your message to international players, friendly nations, neighbors etc

I believe everyone wants a Libya that’s positive and friendly, we will work from a stance of positivity

We wish harm to no-one, but we also have our own priorities and interests that we cannot renounce

we want a mutually respectful relationship between Libya and the international community

I want to thank our brave revolutionaries that showed the true face of the Libyans to the world

With the same bravery that you freed Libya, we want you to focus on rebuilding Libya, and bringing life to normality

Thank you ArmchairArab for the translation of this live broadcast from Libya Al Ahraar TV
Tuesday 1 November 2011

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