Video: Protests in France: People First, Not Finance! #frenchrevolution #europeanrevolution #ows

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Video: Protests in France: People First, Not Finance!

by lissnup

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Thousands of anti-capitalists marched in the French Riviera on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011, ahead of the G20 summit in Cannes.

Groups of international activists are urging the leaders of the world’s top economies to focus on people, not finance.

Marchers are vocal and focused
“I am as everyone, against the G20, the fact that a few people are just governing everything, they are governing all the people. There is a nice manifest, you can go on the internet and take a look at it, the mobilization G8 G20 that is it, everything is there. There aren’t too many points, 12 points, I think we all agree on these. That is a very good solution in my opinion.” says one man.

“In two, in one word actually, democracy. G1 and G20 all the governance of states of this world decided they own the world and they control what it should be. We believe the people have their word, should have their word, should have something to say.” adds another protester.

A woman from Paris add: “I am here because I want equality for all the people and because we don’t trust all these men in power and that is it.”

Thousands of protesters came out to march on the French Riviera to urge the Group of 20 leading economies to focus on spreading global largesse more equitably instead of saving banks and pleasing financial markets.

Scores of French and international activist groups with a range of missions — from a tax on financial transactions to better environmental protection and fairer labor laws — are organizing protests around the summit of G20 leaders taking place in Cannes on Thursday and Friday.

“We are gathering to demonstrate our remediation against the G20 to show our disagreements and alternative that we push for. So we have various people coming from different movements around the world. Basically we condemn the fact that the 20 countries gather to decide what is going on in the world. It should be all countries, so the G20 is not the right place to decide what is going on in the world. We oppose, as well, how they are dealing with the crisis. We are facing a huge crisis and so far they have not been able to deal with it.", explained another protester.

They are marching under the slogan "People First, Not Finance."

Security was very heavy in the area.

There were helicopters on the scene and police on every side street, very heavily armed just in case things get violent.

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