#SeaShepherd E-News: Countdown to whale wars #whaling #conservation

Dear Tony,

If we ever needed your help, it is now.

We are about to embark on the most dangerous and important voyage in our history – to put an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

As we struggle to put three vessels to sea with a modest budget, the illegal Japanese whalers are spending an additional AU$27 million on security to stop us.

What is the cost of defending a whale’s life? As we risk our lives, will you risk a financial investment? Please help Sea Shepherd defend the whales of the Antarctic waters and donate today to support our vital mission.

Operation Divine Wind – Need Your Help with Final Preparations

We are preparing to send three ships with 88 crewmembers to Antarctica and we hope it will be the last season the whales need our help. This will be the season that defines the future for the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Please help us make this the last year that whales are illegally killed in an internationally recognized sanctuary.

Learn more and support this monumental effort! (more)

Cove Guardian Reports – Dolphins in Peril!
Operation Infinite Patience has already logged seven weeks of reports documenting the brutal, cruel, and senseless slaughter that occurs annually in "The Cove" in Taiji, Japan.

Be sure to follow @seashepherd on Twitter and search for hashtag #Tweet4Taiji to get real-time updates. And read the Cove Guardian reports to learn the details each week.

Sea Shepherd Galapagos Continues to Make a Difference
The last six repeater stations have been installed in strategic positions throughout the Galapagos Islands by Sea Shepherd Galapagos, which completes the infrastructure for the Automatic Identification System (AIS).

The AIS will help the Galapagos National Park Service monitor all vessel traffic and crack down on smugglers and poachers in the marine reserve. (more)

Past Campaign Gear Up to 50% Off
Take advantage of great prices on our past campaign gear while it’s still available. This collection features patches, stickers, and t-shirts ranging from our 2008-2009 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign up to our 2010 Gulf Rescue Campaign.

These are limited edition items. Once these sell out, they will not be offered again. Get yours today!

Remember, proceeds from merchandise sales help fund our campaigns to defend ocean wildlife worldwide.

Our campaigns cost enormous amounts of money, but what price can be put on saving a gentle giant of the sea or any other marine animal? Last year, it only cost us about US$4,000 to save each whale during our Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign. A whale’s life is priceless, which makes the daunting cost of our campaigns irrelevant.

Direct intervention gets results! You saw this last year during Operation No Compromise when we saved the lives of 863 whales. Please be as generous as you can today and support our mission. The prosperity of future generations will depend on what we do today. Let’s leave a legacy we can be proud of.

For the oceans,

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

Sea Shop

Support the oceans in style with this eco-silver
Whale Tail Pendant, designed exclusively for

Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd Strongly Opposes Western Australia Government’s Call for a Shark Cull

Read now!


Come out and show your support locally!

We have upcoming events in the following areas:

• Nov 6 – Brisbane
• Nov 6 – Melbourne
• Nov 6 – Sydney
• Nov 11 – Sydney
• Nov 12 – Perth
• Nov 12 – Melbourne
• Nov 12 – Sydney
• Nov 12 – Brisbane
• Nov 13 – Cairns
• Nov 15 – Beerwah
• Nov 16 – Brisbane
• Nov 17 – Melbourne

Belgium & Netherlands
• Nov 19 – Wormerveer

• Nov 5-13 – Paris
• Nov 12 – Le Boupere
• Nov 20 – Le Gavre
• Nov 26 – Mellac QuimperleGermany
• Nov 5 – Munchen
• Nov 5 – Berlin
• Nov 10 – Multiple Cities

North America
• Nov 5 – Jacksonville, FL
• Nov 5 – Friday Harbor, WA
• Nov 5-6 – Pomona, CA
• Nov 6 – Denver, CO
• Nov 12-13 – San Fran, CA

United Kingdom
• Nov 4 – Northampton
• Nov 5-6 – Brighton
• Nov 6 – London
• Nov 12 – Dorset

Defend the Oceans


Will you commit to protecting whales every month of the year?

Join the
Direct Action Crew
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