Demand Fair Elections in #Australia cc #ows

Support and action is also needed to overhaul lobbying & donation laws in all states and territories and a national code on whistleblowers that protects the community, not those in power. – tony

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Hi tony,

In Australia, the Prime Minister is responsible for deciding the date of the next federal election. By allowing the Prime Minister to choose the time of the election, we also give her the power to choose the political atmosphere in which that election takes place.

Demand fair elections in Australia! »

Western Australia recently passed the Electoral and Constitutional Amendment Bill 2011, which instituted fixed election dates. Along with removing the unfair advantage associated with choosing polling dates, it also provided the Western Australian Polling Commission with certainty in planning for future elections.

A set federal election date is the only way to ensure fairness in Australia’s electoral system.

Stand up for a fixed federal election date in Australia. »

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Demand Fair
Elections in Australia!
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