#LGBT #Australia Tell Julia Gillard to Listen Up

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Psst! This petition was created by a fellow Care2 activist who cares about Australian issues. If you’ve got a cause you care about, create a petition now!

Hi tony,

Prime Minister Julia Gillard might be against marriage equality, but her job is to put aside her personal beliefs. When it comes to gay marriage, she’s certainly not doing her job.

Stand up for marriage equality in Australia. »

This year, a record 62 percent of Australians have come out in favor of marriage equality. But Julia Gillard still continues to stand by antiquated, prejudiced laws like the Marriage Act.

Tell Julia G. that her prejudice is showing.

It’s time for the government to listen to what Australians really want. »

kathleen.jpg Thanks for taking action!


Tell Julia Gillard: Marriage Equality in Australia!
Take action now.
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Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AgYzw/zLQg/bUVFi

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