From @GetUp -Fwd: Our most popular video ever!

Dear tony,

Have you seen this?! So far this weekend over 800,000 people have shared our latest video, Love Story, making it the fastest trending video in the world on YouTube right now!

Click here to watch the video!

We don’t want to spoil the twist… but this video is about ending discrimination, and there’s just one week left until a crucial decision that could help do that at the ALP National Conference.

So we’ve adapted this smash-hit online video for TV, and if we can raise enough donations together, we’ll buy national prime-time spots to put it on air this week.

So this week, share the butterflies of a first meeting. Share the pain of loss, and the joy of building a life together. Then share the video: flood your friends Facebook walls, email and tweet at them, or chip in for national TV ads, and let’s share this modern love story.

Paul, for the GetUp team.

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