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causes.gif December 9, 2011
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2892449.medium.jpg from Politics
Bernie Sanders Files Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

by: Beth Buczynski comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2892296.medium.jpg from Politics
Is It Time To Start Drug Testing Politicians?

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2892422.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
Make Horse-Drawn Carriages History in NYC

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2891327.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
Shortcut to Work Saves Pit Bull Fleeing on Railroad Tracks

by: Laura Simpson comment_bubble.jpg add a comment
2892467.medium.jpg from Politics
Santorum: We Don’t Need Food Stamps Because Obesity Rates Are So High

by: ThinkProgress comment_bubble.jpg 5 comments
2892472.medium.jpg from Global Warming
US Youth Interrupt Durban Climate Talks [Video]

by: Beth Buczynski comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2892261.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Marine Life Threatened by Noise

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 9 comments
2892291.medium.jpg from Politics
A Democrat and Someone Else Battle It Out In The Oregon Election

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2891761.medium.jpg from Politics
The Dangers of Mercury: Help Support Clean Air

by: Moms Clean Air Force comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2892441.medium.jpg from Civil Rights
Princeton Students Mic-Check JP Morgan Chase

by: Beth Buczynski comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2892393.medium.jpg from Education
When Schools Tolerate Violence, For Money

by: Care2 Causes Editors comment_bubble.jpg 9 comments
2892421.medium.jpg from Politics
Republicans Filibuster Cordray At Consumer Protection Bureau

by: Jessica Pieklo comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2892335.medium.jpg from LGBT rights
Broadway’s Gavin Creel Records Song for Marriage Equality

by: Steve Williams comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2891826.medium.jpg from Health Policy
Obama Critic Apologizes Now That She Has Cancer

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 6 comments
2892383.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Life Without Light (Video)

by: Care2 Causes Editors comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2892277.medium.jpg from Politics
Contradiction in How Obama Admin Treating LGBT Refugees

by: Paul Canning comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2892197.medium.jpg from LGBT rights
Miss. School’s ‘Girls Can’t Wear Tuxedos Policy’ Changing

by: Steve Williams comment_bubble.jpg 7 comments
2892361.medium.jpg from Politics
Virginia Tech: "No Longer an Active Threat"

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 3 comments
2891990.medium.jpg from Politics
Romney Hits Gingrich While Perry Just Fumbles In New Ads [VIDEO]

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 5 comments
2892208.medium.jpg from Education
Why Is Apple Selling the Ugly Meter App?

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2892227.medium.jpg from LGBT rights
Bachmann Reacts to an 8 Year-Old Telling Her Off

by: Steve Williams comment_bubble.jpg 6 comments
2892188.medium.jpg from LGBT rights
Suicide Victim’s Parents Set Up Tyler Clementi Foundation

by: Steve Williams comment_bubble.jpg 1 comment
2892323.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Jewcology: The Leading Edge of Jewish Environmentalism

by: Emily L. comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2892304.medium.jpg from Education
Another Virginia Tech Shooting: Police Officer Down, Suspect at Large

by: Annie Urban comment_bubble.jpg 2 comments
2892251.medium.jpg from Politics
Warren Now Officially Leading Brown in Polling

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 5 comments
2892264.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
PA Liquor Board Takes Down Rape Victim-Blaming Ad

by: Annie Urban comment_bubble.jpg 19 comments
2892201.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
Bonded Male Penguins Given Chick to Raise

by: Steve Williams comment_bubble.jpg 35 comments
2892236.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
What Does a Real Woman Look Like?

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 10 comments
2891876.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Success: FBI Updates Narrow Definition of Rape

by: Ofunne Okwudiafor comment_bubble.jpg 6 comments
2892024.medium.jpg from Politics
Romney, RNC Turn On Trump Debate

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2892237.medium.jpg from Politics
In Wisconsin You Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

by: Jessica Pieklo comment_bubble.jpg 28 comments
2892217.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Was Gertrude Stein a Fan of Hitler?

by: Care2 Causes Editors comment_bubble.jpg 5 comments
2892141.medium.jpg from Women’s Rights
Jerusalem Bookstore Caves to Pressure for “Modesty Standards”

by: Anna Klenke comment_bubble.jpg 13 comments
2891987.medium.jpg from Politics
Morning Mix: The Recruiting of the Jews

by: Robin Marty comment_bubble.jpg 4 comments
2892090.medium.jpg from Animal Welfare
Music Not Mink Coats

by: Kristina Chew comment_bubble.jpg 102 comments
2892057.medium.jpg from Environment & Wildlife
6 Problems Caused by Shrinking Biodiversity

by: Treehugger comment_bubble.jpg 11 comments

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