#Sea Shepherd E-News: Op Divine Wind commences #whaling

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Dear Tony,

The whale wars are upon us! The illegal Japanese whaling fleet has left port bound for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We will be there to greet them when they arrive in just a few short weeks.

Operation Divine Wind is set to be our most successful campaign to date! We are pulling out all the stops and this year we intend to end whaling in the Southern Ocean – permanently. We are going up against a global superpower and your help is vital to our success. You can take part in the defense of whales and other marine wildlife by supporting our mission today.

Op Divine Wind Q&A with Captain Watson

Wondering about Operation Divine Wind? Maybe you’d like to know how we’re going to handle an angrier and better-financed whaling fleet this year? Or which crewmembers will rejoin the whale wars this season? With this special Q&A from Captain Watson, you can get answers to these questions and more!
Rally for the Sharks of Western Australia
As a keystone species, sharks play a critically important role in the health of our oceans. These ancient creatures should be protected and respected, yet they are feared and massacred by billions of people due to ignorance and greed.

The Western Australia government recently gave the green light for a shark cull targeted at a great white that killed an American man in the waters of Rottnest Island on Oct 22. In response to great pressure from Sea Shepherd and its supporters, the government has made a wise decision. (more)

Aussie Government Attempted to Sabotage Operation Divine Wind
Australian citizens are one of the largest supporter bases for Sea Shepherd, but support from the government of Australia is a different story. With no reason given, our helicopter pilot, Chris Aultman, was denied a visa to enter Australia and join Operation Divine Wind.

Get the details on the obstacle we had to overcome and the end result for the whales.

Sea Shepherd Outreach and Education Center

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Sea Shepherd Outreach and Educational Center on San Juan Island, Washington, USA, home of our International Headquarters! The center features archived materials that showcase our history of defending ocean wildlife worldwide, official Sea Shepherd merchandise for sale. Stop in for a visit when you are in the San Juans!
New! Jolly Roger Signet Ring
Purchase our past campaign gear while it’s still available. This limited edition collection features patches and shirts from our 2007-2008 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign until our 2010 Gulf Rescue Campaign. Once these sell out, they will not be offered again. Get yours today!

Merchandise sales in all four of our global e-Stores help fund our campaigns. Please remember to add a donation at checkout.

This is a growing movement. It’s the most important movement in the world – that is the movement to save lives – to save the Earth. It means that we have to stand up and say, look we’re gonna take matters into our own hands as individuals, as caring, compassionate people. And we’re going to fight back, because the one thing that is worth fighting for on this planet Earth is life. Thank-you for your efforts to join us in this noble endeavor.

For the oceans,

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

Sea Shop

Support the oceans in style with this eco-silver
Whale Tail Pendant, designed exclusively for Sea Shepherd


The Divine Wind That Spared 900 Pilot Whales in the Ferocious Isles

by Peter Hammarstedt,
First Officer, Bob Barker


Purchase a message on a bottle and send your thoughts directly to the illegal Japanese whalers.

Learn more at:


Captain Watson discusses Sea Shepherd’s role in Taiji, Japan for Operation Infinite Patience and shares what you can do to help.

Watch now!


Want to learn more about Sea Shepherd from local volunteers?

Come to an official Sea Shepherd event in one of the following areas:

• Dec 10 – Brisbane*
*ship tours
• Dec 10-11 – Hobart
• Dec 11 – Sunshine Coast
• Dec 17 – Gold Coast
• Dec 17 – Brisbane
• Dec 18 – Sunshine Coast

• Dec 10 – Lanester
• Dec 10 – Toulouse
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• Dec 10 – Frosinone

North America
• Dec 11 – New York, NY
• Dec 11 – Plymouth Meeting, PA
• Dec 15 – Toronto, ON

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