#australia #gambling #pokies – via @GetUp Just Announced: Stop the Loss

Update: Minutes ago an unprecedented community coalition launched a campaign to push for poker machine reform.

The Stop the Loss Coalition, of which GetUp is a founding member, is a community campaign bringing together religious, civil society and consumer groups to counter Clubs Australia’s aggressively misleading $40 million anti-reform campaign.

Politicians are deciding their next steps right now. That’s why we need to come together and raise an additional $50,000 so we’ll be able to start the distribution of one million letters direct to voters this weekend. This is our chance to turn the same tactic that Clubs Australia has been using on its head. Can you donate $15, $25 or $50 right now to take on the pokie profiteers and fight for real reform?

This may be our last chance to achieve reform that will save lives, and stop tragedies like the one GetUp member Clelia Koch’s family experienced. Clelia’s original email from Monday is below.

Thanks for fighting back.

Erin for the GetUp team

— Original Email —

The Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet are considering whether to scrap problem gambling reform, instead turning to a model of ‘voluntary’ pre-commitment that independent trials (and common sense) have shown to be completely ineffective. If the Prime Minister chooses to break her promise and trash reform, either by scrapping it all together or delaying it beyond the next election, thousands more lives could be destroyed just for political expediency. Can you chip in to our rapid response advertising campaign so that we stop this backdown before the Government makes their final decision?

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