a rose to the the thorns <3 for Valentines #australia let your MP know you support #humanrights & equality #GLBT #GLBTI from @GetUp

Dear tony,

We’re closer than ever before to real marriage equality in Australia. Parliament will consider the matter through an upcoming Senate inquiry but right now the debate in Canberra is centred on politics not love.

What better way to remind our political representatives of the love that should be at the centre of this issue than by using Valentine’s Day to spread some love, and show our politicians that in matters of the heart, we’re united for equality?

We’ve arranged a massive roses delivery to the Parliament House offices of local MPs from across the country. Click below to send a rose to your MP. When you chip in, we’ll also send a rose on your behalf to the PM and Opposition Leader to make sure their offices are flooded with a message of love they can’t miss!


As we celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, we’re reminded of how far we’ve come in the past year: we’ve gathered more than 150,000 petition signatures, rallied alongside more than 10,000 other supporters at the ALP National Conference and produced the "It’s Time" video, which is still going strong with more than 5 million views and counting! The ALP came under such intense pressure that they changed their party platform, but they’ve stopped short of actually changing the law.

This is the year we can take marriage equality from political rhetoric to political reality.

Let’s flood the offices of our political representatives with a reminder that Australians believe that two people who want to make a lifelong commitment deserve full and equal recognition before their family, friends and the law.


Thanks for sharing the love,
The GetUp Team

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